Sen. Blackburn Says Now Is The Time For ‘Operation Warp Speed’ On Energy

According to Sen. Marsha Blackburn, the U.S. desperately needs an “Operation Warp Speed” for American energy to help boost production, however, President Joe Biden continues to blame skyrocketing gas prices on Russia because he’s “always looking for someone else to blame,” rather than taking responsibility for his own actions.

“Nothing is ever his fault,” the Republican from Tennessee stated during an interview on “Wake Up America.”

“The average gas price on Election Day was $2.11 a gallon. Why is it that the price started to go up? Because Biden campaigned saying he was going to move us to a carbon-free future and the Green New Deal,” Blackburn added.

According to Newsmax, “That meant shutting down the fracking industry and giving more powers to the Environmental Protection Agency, she continued, pointing out that his first order was to kill construction of the Keystone XL pipeline.”

“But a ‘Warp Speed’ initiative, she said, referring to former President Donald Trump’s push on the COVID pandemic, would bring federal agencies and the oil industry together to work on solutions to the nation’s energy issues,” the report continued.

“You say, okay, the Keystone XL pipeline would give us 830,000 additional barrels a day,” Blackburn, who echoed comments she wrote on Twitter concerning the matter. “We are flaring natural gas right now. When you go down in the Gulf Coast region, we need to be putting that into the pipeline. Let’s get that done. We need to be capping wells in Florida and Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma. We need to be putting that into our supply chain. Let’s get it done. Let’s go back to fracking. Let’s move this oil into our system.”

However, the shortages and higher prices, Blackburn insisted, are “all by design.”

“They want to wean us off fossil fuels,” she concluded. “They’re trying to do it without having everything ready for the American people, other alternative energies for us to use.”