Sen. Blackburn Delivers Huge Criticism Of $1.2T Infrastructure Bill, Calls It ‘Gateway To Socialism’

According to Republican Sen. Marsha Blackburn, the Senate’s massive $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill, which is due to come up for a full vote sometime this week, is nothing more than a “gateway to socialism” that radical leftist Democrats are using to “pave the way” for a staggering $3.5 trillion spending bill crafted by socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders.

“In my opinion, it’s not enough about infrastructure,” the Tennessee Republican went on to say during a conversation on Newsmax’s “Wake Up America” about the first piece of legislation. “(It) is too expensive. It’s a down payment on the Green New Deal.” Blackburn also went on to call it “unbelievable that 9% of this bill goes to actual infrastructure. Yet this is being billed as an infrastructure bill.”

via Newsmax:

Senators Sunday pushed the bipartisan infrastructure package closer to passage, and after that happens, they will immediately turn to the budget outline for the more partisan $3.5 trillion package of child care, elder care, and that many House Democrats say must pass before they’ll vote for the infrastructure bill.

“I know some of my colleagues have worked very hard to try to create a bipartisan product,” Blackburn stated during her interview Monday. “We all wanted to get something on infrastructure that we could support. But when you look at $110 million being used for roads and bridges, and runways, rivers, and railways and $65 billion that is used for broadband, this is not something that I can support.”

The first bill also carries $161 billion in new fees, which “equates to taxes, fees that are in this bill,” said Blackburn. “You have a $256 billion deficit in this bill. It is not paid for so the burden to pay for this is going to come with taxes in Bernie’s budget, and then it’s going to be shoved off to our children and grandchildren.”

During the interview, the congresswoman stated she thinks the vote on this bill could come as early as Tuesday, noting that Democrats seem to be “quite anxious” to get the ball rolling.

She commended fellow Tennessee Sen. Bill Hagerty for exercising his right to use a filibuster while refusing to relent on the mandatory debate time.

“Some of the other of us that are on the conservative side (Ted) Cruz, (Mike) Lee and I had all filed amendments,” she went on to say. “I had 30 amendments that I filed to the bill. One of them was to take $1 billion dollars out of the $20 billion going to Amtrak and use it to build the wall on the southern border. Another was to put money in place restarting the keystone pipeline. Those are infrastructure projects that are ready to go. So let’s fund them.”

Blackburn then said she thinks the bill pass out of the Senate noting that “some of us have worked to get rid of some of the worst parts of this bill.”

However, she continued on, saying that the bill will end up in the House where they will “make this legislation worse” before it comes back to the Senate for a final vote.

“What the House is going to do is try to wrap this into Bernie’s budget,” said Blackburn, noting that once the bipartisan bill, the spending bill, and money already spent on COVID relief are tallied, that comes to a total of about $7 trillion in the first six months of President Joe Biden’s time in office.

“Our kids and grandkids are going to lose their opportunity to exercise the American dream to live out their hopes and their dreams,” Blackburn proclaimed. “I’m going to fight this every step of the way.”