Second Amendment Activist Says Harris Crouching Gun Confiscation Plans Behind ‘Fancy Words’

According to a statement by Second Amendment activist Colion Noir, recently announced Democratic presumptive vice presidential nominee Sen. Kamala Harris wants to grab your guns, but is hiding her intentions behind fancy words like “mandatory buyback.”

Here’s more from Fox News:

Noir told “Tucker Carlson Tonight” Thursday that Harris’ past statements show she is not “inherently anti-gun,” she just wants them in the hands of government agents rather than civilians.

In September 2019, while she was still running for president, Harris told NBC’s “The Tonight Show” that she supports a “mandatory buyback” of high-caliber, semi-automatic firearms that are often dubbed “assault weapons.”

“I do believe we need to do buybacks and I’ll tell you why,” she told host Jimmy Fallon. “They are weapons of war was no place on the streets of a civil society.”

“[Harris] can use whatever pretty fancy words and euphemisms she wants to use,” Noir said, “but what she’s talking about is literally taking people’s guns and I think people really need to grasp that.”

Carlson noted the irony of wanting to take guns from American citizens, which would actually require government officials to use guns in order to actually excute the orders.

Noir made it clear later on that Harris isn’t anti-gun. She just wants all of the guns in the hands of government agents.

“She is not inherently anti-gun,” Noir said. “She has anti-gun for you and me. But when it comes to her having guns or whoever she has enforcing her law, she doesn’t have a problem with that.”