School From ‘Remember The Titans” Might Be Changing Its Name To ‘Kamala Harris High School’

T.C. Williams High School, mostly known for its role in the extremely popular Disney movie, “Remember The Titans,” might soon receive a name change.

What are they changing it to?

Possibly Kamala Harris High School.

Feel free to grab the closest trash can and puke your guts out.

via Daily Wire:

In November, the Alexandria City School Board voted unanimously to remove Williams’ name due to his support of segregation while serving as superintendent of the Alexandria, VA, school system. According to the school, Williams was a “staunch segregationist whose views could not have been more inconsistent with the vibrant, diverse and inclusive place we know today.”

Now, students are being offered the chance to vote on a replacement name through an online poll on the school’s website. Included among the options for students to choose from is “Kamala Harris High School.”

As of Friday, other options for the students to choose from included “George Floyd Memorial High School” and “Ruth Bader Ginsburg High School,” with the school board reportedly planning on narrowing down the list to six finalists by April.

After all of the civil unrest and BLM protests last year, lots of buildings are being renamed, replacing ones that were named after Confederate leaders or segregationists.

Regardless, not a single name on that list is a good one. It’s pretty clear they don’t deem anyone in the Republican Party from pretty much any period in history as worthy to have a building named after them.

You definitely won’t see any places named after Trump. That’s for sure. The left would never allow it.