Salon Owner Who Released Pelosi Footage Raises $147K On GoFundMe

One of the top stories of the week happened when salon owner Erica Kious decided to release security camera footage of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi being a huge hypocrite by violating lockdown orders to go to a salon, where she also didn’t wear a mask.

Pelosi, instead of accepting personal responsibility for her failure, decided to blame Kious, claiming the woman “set her up.” The reality is, the woman was furious with Pelosi for thinking that she is better than everyone else and above the rules and restrictions she’s fought to ensure were put in place in California.

Many of these rules did significant damage to Kious’s business.

Well, a GoFundMe page in support of Kious and her business has just raised $147,000 in over 24 hours and that number is still climbing.

via The Daily Wire:

With a stated goal of $300, the GoFundMe claims that Kious, owner of eSalon, will now have to shut down and relocate as a result of Pelosi’s attacks on her.

“Erica Kious, a single mother of two and owner of eSalon, where House Speaker Nancy Pelosi got her hair done on Monday, is now being forced to shut down and relocate her business and family due to outrage and threats she is receiving,” the page claims.

“A maskless House Speaker Nancy Pelosi visited eSalon on Monday afternoon for a wash and blow-out, despite local ordinances keeping salons closed amid the coronavirus pandemic,” it continues. “San Francisco’s coronavirus guidelines allowed hair salons to reopen their businesses for outdoor services starting Tuesday, with clients seen one at a time. Haircuts are permitted, according to the guidance, but shampooing and hair coloring services are not.”

The page, which was set up by Erica’s family friend, Amy Tarkanian, goes on to conclude that all donations will be in the service of Erica and her business by helping to pay off any debts or relocation expenses. As of this writing, it has accumulated $147,190.

Folks, the bottom line here is that Pelosi is representative of the vast majority of modern Democrat politicians. These folks are greedy and starved for power. They will use any means necessary, including a pandemic, to siphon off power and authority from the people in order to lord it over them later.

Pelosi thinks you and I ought to be subjected to these asinine restrictions, but not her. Let that sink in a minute. She’s a public servant. We don’t serve her, she serves us.

Let’s hope California wises up and flips red this November.