Russia Has Gruesome Plans To Weaken Ukraine Morale

According to a European intelligence official, Russia has created plans, which include public executions, to break the spirit of the Ukrainian people and dissuade them from fighting back against President Vladimir Putin’s military forces as the invasion of their country continues.

Bloomberg stated in a report put out on Tuesday morning that Moscow has cooked up a number of different methods for crushing the morale of Ukrainians who are fighting tooth and nail with ferocity unmatched to preserve their freedom following Russia’s unprovoked attack on their country.

Ukrainian citizens, who have armed themselves as volunteer forces, have joined hands with the country’s military in helping to create a strong resistance against Russian troops.

Putin spoke with French President Emmanuel Macron, noting that he absolutely plans to fulfill his goals concerning the invasion of Ukraine.

via Newsmax:

The Russian president, while denying his forces had bombed Kyiv or harmed civilians, warned Macron that everything was going according to plan in Ukraine and that things will get worse.

Thursday began the second week of Russia’s invasion into Ukraine.

A senior U.S. defense official told reporters Wednesday that there were indications of low morale among Russian troops.

Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy touched on that when he lauded his fellow countrymen for fighting against Russia after the super power’s unprovoked attack.

“We are a nation that broke the enemy’s plans in a week — plans that have been built for years, treacherously, deliberately, with hatred of our country, of our people, of any people who have heart and freedom,” Zelenskyy went on to state during a video address, Axios reported. “Our military, border guards, territorial defense, even ordinary farmers capture the Russian military on a daily basis. And they all say one thing: They don’t know why they’re here.”

Zelenskyy has been working hard to appeal to young Russian soldiers who he thinks were tricked into participating in this operation.

“Russian troops were in the center of the Ukrainian port of Kherson on Thursday after a day of conflicting claims over whether Moscow had captured a major urban center for the first time in its eight-day invasion,” the report went on to say.

The defense ministry in Russia stated that its troops were in control of Kherson on Wednesday, but one of Zelenskyy’s advisers said that Ukrainian forces are still continuing to defend the Black Sea port which has a population of 250,000.