Rudy Giuliani Slams NYC Mayor Over His ‘Idiotic’ Crime Fighting Measures

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani recently conducted an interview with Newsmax where he smashed steps being taken by current Mayor Eric Adams to try and combat spiking crime rates, calling them “idiotic.”

Giuliani made his comments during his appearance on the “Rob Schmitt Tonight” show.

“I mean, he is getting a honeymoon, while New Yorkers are being killed, and it’s outrageous,” he went on to state during his appearance on the program, “He ran on a law and order platform for a year, and he still hasn’t put a plan in place. He put a bunch of plainclothes police officers out, and he identified them as police officers, which is like a clown show. The things he’s doing are so idiotic.”

via Newsmax:

Giuliani was asked if the city’s crime problems can be fixed when you have a Manhattan district attorney like Alvin Bragg in place.

“If I had a DA like that he wouldn’t be there very long,” Giuliani remarked. “I’d go to the governor and I’d say Remove him. Because if you don’t remove him, I’m going to try and remove you. And they should remove people who don’t enforce the law. Citizens all over  New York state are being killed.”

Giuliani was joined by former New York City Police Commissioner Bernie Kerik.

“There’s one thing the mayor didn’t say,” Kerik pointed out. “And I think people should know and understand this: Back in 1993, when Rudy Giuliani came into office, we had four to five times the violent crime and the murders that they have today — four to five times. And people said it could never be changed — it’s never going to go down.”

“It was criticized by The New York Times and all the liberals and over the eight-year period, we dropped major crime, violent crime, by 65%; murder by 70%; and in the Black community, where the violent crime was the highest, we dropped the murder rate by almost 80,” he continued.

“The bottom line is, it’s all about leadership. Alvin Bragg should be removed. The mayor could do it. If you wanted to do it, he could do it by going to the governor. He could also do it by holding funds. And pulling money from Bragg’s budget. The bottom line is, Bragg is a detriment to the city,” he added.