Rob Lowe Hits Back at Snowflakes Who Didn’t Like His “Commander-in-Chief” Joke About Elizabeth Warren

Identity politics is a fascinating thing.

See, if you’re a purveyor of identity politics, like one Elizabeth Warren, you’ll milk your alleged Native American ancestry for all its worth.

Then, when you’re busted for not actually being Native American, and you get mocked for it, you get to call your critics “racist.”

Basically, claim victim status, and you’re golden.

Rob Lowe recently took a jab at Warren, who, now that she’s running for president, is being haunted more than ever by the whole fake-Indian thing.

Funny, right?

Not if you’re a snowflake.

He took down the tweet, but followed it up by instead mocking the people who got so offended in the first place.

This second observation couldn’t be more spot-on. There was a time when all politicians were open game for mockery, but now, it has become fashionable to be so perpetually offended that we have lost one of the few things that could be uniting us in a really divided time: humor.

We shouldn’t apologize for offended people with humor, we should leave it out on full display until the meltage of snowflakes is so unremarkable we stop paying attention to it entirely.

Who’s with me?