Ric Grenell: The Biden Administration Totally Unprepared For China And Other Scenarios

According to former ambassador and acting deputy director of national intelligence Ric Grenell, President Joe Biden and his administration is not at all prepared to tackle everything happening around the globe, let alone what might transpire if the hostilities between China and Taiwan escalate.

“In Ukraine, we’ve got 100,000 Russian troops on the border,” Grenell, stated during an interview on Newsmax’s “John Bachman Now”  where he went on to comment about President Joe Biden’s preparedness. “They’re not prepared for what’s happening in Yemen. They’re not prepared for what’s happening in Syria, with the Russians taking over and trying to manipulate the whole region.”

Sprinkle in China and Taiwan, he stated, and the diplomacy of the Biden administration might not provide enough solutions to avoid the danger.

“I’ve spent 11 years as you know, at the State Department,” Grenell went on to say. “I’m a diplomat, and I’m going to do everything I can to try to solve these problems. One thing I’m very appreciative of the (at) Pentagon is that they talk about the difference between a threat of military action and a credible threat of military action. The United States of America needs to have a credible threat of military action that helps diplomats when we’re at the table, and we’re talking across the table, trying to solve some of these problems without war.”

via Newsmax:

Grenell also called for reforms at the State Department so there are diplomats who “use diplomacy with muscle” by “not just trying to cut the baby in half, but trying to be the tip of the spear to solve these problems.”

Meanwhile, the United States’ reliance on China has “absolutely gotten out of control,” Smith said.

“Anything that has to do with our national security should be off-limits when it comes to China,” she then stated. “Unfortunately, with our supply chain that’s almost impossible right now, but it just goes to show you how in depth our alliances on China are with so many things. It’s just absolutely out of control and we need to realize that we are hurting our own national security by having that reliance on China.”