Ric Grenell Slams Biden, Says ‘Russians Smelling’ His ‘Weakness’

Former Ambassador Richard Grenell sat down for a chat with Newsmax over the weekend, stating that the “Russians are smelling weakness” from the Biden administration as intelligence from the United States indicates that Russia is currently amassing 175,000 troops for major offensive against Ukraine.

“The Obama-Biden administration watched as Russia grabbed Crimea and rewrote the borders of Europe,” Grenell said during his interview with “The Count.” “And now what we have is the Biden-Harris administration sending the same weak signals and Russia rising up. And so, the common denominator there is Joe Biden.”

via Newsmax:

Secretary of State Antony Blinken referred to “evidence that Russia has made plans for significant aggressive moves against Ukraine” in Stockholm, Sweden, on Thursday, according to The New York Times.

Grenell, who served under the Trump administration’s foreign policy team, was the Special Presidential Envoy for peace negotiations in the Serbia-Kosovo conflict. Familiar with Eastern Europe, he warned, “Washington has got to wake up” on the threat of Russian aggression in the region.

The former ambassador and acting director of national intelligence under President Donald Trump conceded “Ukraine is not a member of NATO; we don’t have a treaty obligation to protect them. We certainly don’t want to get into a war with Russia,”

But he added, “there are things that we can do in the lead up to send a very strong message, and we haven’t been doing those.”

“What the Biden team is doing is sending so many weak signals to lots of different countries around the world,” Grenell went on to warn. “That all of this is going to come home in a very dangerous way, and we’re going to be pushed into a corner exactly like Afghanistan.”

A spokesperson for the National Security Council stated on Friday that the U.S. wasn’t seeking conflict with Russia, believing that diplomacy was the best way to prevent a crisis and keep relations from degrading worse, according to a report from the Times.