Results Of Internal Trump Issue Polling Reveals Americans Care More About Jobs, Economy, COVID, Than Racial Issues

The Daily Caller news outlet got their hands on a poll that was put together by a group called America First Priorities, a non-profit group that is deeply aligned with President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign, revealing that the vast majority of voters in America are far more concerned about jobs and the economy than most other issues we are facing this year.

Here’s more from the Daily Caller:

Twenty percent of all respondents listed “Jobs/The Economy” as their most important issue, while 16 percent said the same of “Fighting COVID-19.” Notably, only 3 and 4 percent listed “Upholding Law and Order” and “Stop Racial Injustice” as the top election issue respectively. 61 percent either didn’t answer, don’t have a preference, or named an issue outside the the 8 listed survey options as their most important issue.

The ideological breakdown showed Independents’ issue choices aligning more closely with those of Republicans than Democrats. 23 percent of Independents listed jobs and the economy as their top issue, 15 percent said fighting coronavirus, 4 percent selected law and order, while just 2 percent are most concerned with stopping racial injustice. The Republican and Democrat splits for those issues were 28-8-7-1 and 11-24-1-6 respectively.

Additional questions showed potential problems for Democrats. Respondents gave Trump a +14 economic job approval rating (56-42), while Republicans earned an 8 point advantage (50-42) over Democrats when survey participants were asked which party “they trust more to rebuild the economy following the COVID-19 pandemic.”

43 percent of the individuals who participated in the poll pointed the finger at Democrats in Congresss for causing issues with negotiations to get a second coronavirus stimulus package compared to 26 percent who blamed Congressional Republicans. Only 14 percent directly blamed the president.

When it comes to the exacerbation of racial issues in our country and all of the violent rioting and looting exploding in some major cities around the country, both parties were held to be at fault. 44 percent said Democratic leaders and failed policies were causing the “rise in violent crime, poverty, homelessness, and civil unrest we are currently witnessing in these cities.”

41 percent said Republicans at both state and federal levels are the cause of the problem.

At the end of the day, if Democrats want Biden to have any sort of chance at victory, they need to listen to the voices of the American people. This poll reveals our priorities and exposes why Trump is having so much success. He’s addressing these things and continuing to keep the focus on them.