Republican Bashes Construction Of Plexiglass Structure That Allowed Dems To Cast Vote For Pelosi

Rep. Nancy Pelosi just barely managed to pull out a victory to remain the Speaker of the House on Sunday. Just before the vote occurred, 427 members of the House answered that they were “present” during roll call, for a total of 220 Democrats and 207 Republicans.

This translated to Pelosi needing to win a majority of the 214 votes to return as speaker. She could only lose six votes. Pelosi lost five.

Talk about winning by the skin of your teeth, right?

What has become the main story isn’t Pelosi’s victory, but the fact that a special plexiglass box was built and placed in the House chamber Sunday so that Democrats who had been exposed to COVID-19 could still vote.

This included one individual who had tested positive for the virus just six days ago.

Republican Rep. Rodney Davis was outraged by the move.

via Daily Wire:

“To build a structure like that, in the dark of night, to only protect the votes that Speaker Pelosi needs to get reelected speaker, is shameful,” said Rep. Rodney Davis (R-IL), the top Republican on the House Administration Committee.

Davis said the “lack of communication with the minority” party in the House made the move “100% political.”

“This is completely against everything we’re told throughout this entire pandemic for house operations,” Davis told reporters Sunday.

In the end, 427 lawmakers voted for a House member, including Rep. Gwen Moore (D-WI), who tested positive for the coronavirus on Dec. 28 but was cleared from quarantine at midnight and traveled to Washington to cast her vote.

Folks, how are we supposed to take the pandemic and all the measures that the left keeps telling us we need to do in order to slow the spread of this deadly disease seriously when people in leadership positions aren’t listening or obeying them?

It’s quite clear that political power means far more to the left than public health and safety.

Ladies and gentlemen, this whole COVID thing is looking more and more like a scam as time goes on and the left tips its hand.