Republican AGs Reveal New Plan To Undermine Biden-Harris Agenda

Republican attorneys general all over the United States are apparently putting together an initiative to help undermine the leftist agenda of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris should they be certified as the victors of the 2020 presidential election.

These individuals have said this particular plan is the last line of defense against an agenda that no doubt will include a massive swelling of the federal government and increased overreach into our private lives.

So glad to hear these folks have some sort of plan if the worst case scenario should happen.

via Washington Times:

With Democrats potentially controlling all the levers of power in Washington after Tuesday’s Senate runoff elections in Georgia, Republicans are looking to their 26 state attorneys general to keep in check President-elect Joseph R. Biden‘s policies on business, the environment and immigration.

But even if Republicans hold on to a thin majority in the Senate, the attorneys general will work to stop Mr. Biden‘s executive actions and other policy moves that pass the upper chamber.

The initiative, dubbed “Save and Defend,” borrows heavily from the Republican attorneys’ general playbook against the Obama administration.

The legal assaults were largely successful. During President Obama’s eight years in the White House, Republican attorneys general sued the administration 78 times and won 60% of those cases, according to data from Marquette University associate professor Paul Nolette.

The GOP attorneys general were hugely successful in helping to derail several of Obama’s agenda items, including immigration proposals. This group has said they have gone back over the strategy and expanded it to meet the policies put forward by Biden.

“Save and Defend is going to be a pretty comprehensive initiative that we Republican attorneys general will engage in. Once we get a chance to roll that out and put some meat on the bones, it is going to be a primary focus for us Republican AGs,” Georgia Attorney General Chris Carr stated.

“We know there will be holdovers from those years invited back to the Biden administration. We know the playbook of relying heavily on executive orders,” Mr. Carr continued. “By getting out in front, launching the initiative and getting a coalition of Republican AGs thinking about these issues, we can be prepared to be the last line of defense.”

It’s encouraging to see there’s some sort of plan in place to put an end to the insanely left-leaning policies of Biden-Harris should things not turn out the way we want them to go.

We need to fight the extreme leftist agenda on every single front, taking the battle to the Democrats every chance we get.