Reports Say Biden Not Coming Out Of Hiding Any Time Soon

This has been an extremely bizarre year with the coronavirus pandemic and all of the civil unrest bursting across the country, but perhaps one of the strangest political developments to happen right now is Democratic presumptive nominee Joe Biden hiding out in his basement and avoiding a whole lot of public appearances and interviews.

Sure, some of that can be attributed to trying to avoid COVID-19, but there is all kinds of other factors likely playing into the decision to keep Biden out of the spotlight. Much of that seems to center on the fact he keeps making gaffes and just in general being foolish in statements he’s made.

This has led tons of people to speculate that Biden’s mental faculties are compromised and thus, the campaign is doing their best to prevent him from destroying himself during public appearances.

Regardless, it seems new reports indicate he’s not going to be leaving his basement any time soon.

Here’s more on this from The Washington Examiner:

The presumptive Democratic presidential nominee is gearing up to step into the spotlight when he announces his vice presidential pick and accepts the party’s nomination at the Democratic National Convention this month. But don’t expect a dramatic shift from Biden away from what Republicans tease is his “basement bunker” strategy to that of a news-cycle warrior in the months before Election Day.

When the coronavirus pandemic first shut down normal life in March, political observers immediately wondered how Biden would be able to campaign effectively while cooped up in his basement. A few months later, after he secured a new in-home studio, started a steady stream of digital events, and rose in the polls, Democrats warmed to his low-key campaign while letting President Trump deal with negative press. Former Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe said in June that Biden is “fine in the basement.”

“I don’t think that we need to be counterprogramming,” Kate Bedingfield, one of Biden’s deputy campaign managers, told reporters this week about the campaign’s plans on how to handle Trump responding to and driving news cycles.

Again, you have to ask yourself, is this a wise strategy to employ during a major political campaign? For most people, probably not. However, given Biden’s track record of having diarrhea of the mouth, perhaps keeping him under wraps is the right move to make.

The big question is whether or not his large absence from the campaign trail is going to have an adverse effect on his chances of winning the White House. We’ll have to wait for November.

However, news media are frustrated by the lack of activity by Biden, believing he needs to conduct more tough interviews. The campaign is reluctant to do this given recent statements Biden made, like the one where he essentially says all African-Americans are the same.

Easy to see why they don’t want a repeat of that, seeing as how Biden needs the black vote to win.

These are definitely strange days, folks.