Reporter Dares To Ask Biden About His Vaccination Goals; President Responds With ‘Give Me A Break

President Joe Biden is proving already that he’s not cut out for the position he currently occupies and that all of his talk of civility was just hot air after snapping at a reporter who dared to ask the man about his coronavirus vaccination goals.

“Mr. President, you said you set the goal at 100 million vaccines in the [first 100 days]. Is that high enough?” a member of the press asked. “Shouldn’t you set the bar higher? That’s basically where the U.S. is right now.”

“When I announced it, you all said, ‘It’s not possible,’” the president fired back. “Come on, give me a break, man. It’s a good start.”

Guess somebody didn’t get their special pudding snack and their daily afternoon nap.

via Daily Wire:

Biden made the remark while in the White House — which is federal property — while not wearing a mask. This comes on the heels of the president having signed an Executive Order on Wednesday that requires people to wear masks while on federal property. Biden appeared to have a mask on at certain times while in the room, but not while talking. There were numerous other people in the room, most of whom appeared to have masks on.

Biden also repeatedly coughed into his hand during the press conference, which goes against CDC recommendations and is something that Biden has been warned about in the past, including from left-wing CNN.

Biden caused a stir last night when he visited the Lincoln Memorial, which is federal property, where he also did not wear a mask for portions of his time there.

When President Trump dared to say anything to the press defending himself or pushing back against their constant assault on his administration and personal character, he was raked across the coals by the mainstream media.

President Biden does the exact same thing with a snarky comment and basically no one in the leftist media cares. That, my friends, is a double standard. Hypocrisy has become the defining trait of the Democratic Party.

Then again, did any of us really expect Biden to carry out his promise of more civility? Of course not.