Report Says Illegal Immigrant Children Could End Up Overwhelming U.S. Shelters

Thanks to the Biden administration’s very poorly done immigration policy, it seems the United States is nearing maximum capacity for illegal immigrant children in shelters.

Internal documents from the Depart of Health and Human Services now reveal that the shelter system is at 94 percent occupancy. It’s expected to smash into its maximum sometime later in the month.

via Newsmax:

The documents also show the Border Patrol referred an average of 321 children per day to HHS in the week ending March 1. Axios noted the number was just 47 per day during the first week of January. And the weekly average stood at 203 in late January and early February.

Axios said the number of children crossing into the U.S. from Mexico could soon overwhelm government systems.

The increase comes while the White House uses an emergency public health order to deport migrant adults and some families — including asylum seekers, Axios said.

HHS officials have moved to open overflow shelters. And officials are also increasing the speed with which the department releases children to caretakers already in the U.S.

Folks, this is what happens when a liberal becomes president and cares far more about getting illegal immigrants into the country to fill out Democratic Party voter rolls than they do about keeping the country safe and secure from individuals who are seeking to actively break the law.

Any of these folks could have COVID and end up passing it around like crazy. I thought we were supposed to do whatever it takes to prevent something like that from happening?

Guess that only counts when the stakes benefit your own team.