Report Says Biden’s Team ‘Freaking Out’ Over Pitiful Debate Performance; They Say Otherwise

During the second night of the first Democratic presidential debate, former Vice President Joe Biden quickly found himself on the bad end of a rather brutal exchange with Sen. Kamala Harris over the topic of race.

The back and forth grew fairly tense and ended up being the big topic of discussion in the media, which when coupled with the statement that the first thing he’d do if he were president is “defeat Donald Trump,” pretty much guaranteed his performance would be considered a big stinker.

Reports began to emerge saying that Biden’s team was “freaking out” over his bad performance, yet the team themselves say he’s “on fire.”

Via Daily Wire:

It didn’t take long for reports to circulate that Team Biden was “freaking out” about how poorly he performed. “A source close to the Biden campaign tells me his staff is ‘freaking out’ about his poor performance tonight,” New York Magazine’s Washington correspondent Olivia Nuzzi tweeted Thursday.

And it wasn’t just his performance that has the team nervous, the source told Nuzzi, it’s the response of the audiences in their campaign-organized debate watch parties. “The source said that internally, field staff says the campaign-organized debate watch parties in early voting states have been ‘awkward’ and that Biden isn’t playing well to those who attended,” Nuzzi reported (tweets below).

So what went wrong with the frontrunner’s first chance to solidify his lead? Nuzzi’s source had something to say about that too: “According to Biden’s staff, he isn’t listening to his debate prep and he’s ‘set in his ways,’ the source close to the campaign tells me.”

Nuzzi soon posted a reply to her initial post from Biden’s campaign: “Biden spokesperson says that Biden campaign staff is not ‘freaking out,’ as a source close to the Biden campaign said.” The concise response from campaign spokeswoman Kate Bedingfield: “Nope.”

“Nope” wasn’t the Biden campaign’s only response to the debate. As noted by The Week, during the vice president’s rather disappointing first debate appearance, his team tweeted out: “Are you watching the debate? WOW! Joe has been on fire!”

He was on fire alright, but more like “going up in flames,” watching his presidential aspirations turn to ash and smoke.

Anyone who watched that train wreck and actually thought Biden was doing well obviously has to be some sort of obsessed fan or something because no one with two fully functioning brain cells would think he was sharp and on his game.

Biden continues to prove that he truly doesn’t belong in the top spot of the majority of presidential polls floating around out there. Obviously, there has to be some sort of work by the Democratic Party going on to inflate his numbers or something.

Regardless, if this sort of shenanigans continues, Biden doesn’t stand a chance against Trump.