Rep. Westerman Says Fauci Should Have Stepped Down ‘A Long Time Ago’

Dr. Anthony Fauci should have stepped down from his post a “long time ago,” due to all of the mistakes and missteps he’s made during the coronavirus pandemic, according to Rep. Bruce Westerman.

Westerman made his comments on Fauci Thursday after another heated exchange between the White House medical adviser and Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul occurred during a Senate hearing on Thursday.

“As a member of Congress, I quit listening to Dr. Fauci months ago because he could never seem to get his story straight,” the Arkansas Republican went on to say while having a conservation on Newsmax‘s John Bachman Now.” “I think we needed new leadership there long ago.”

via Newsmax:

Meanwhile, government rules taking effect Thursday through the Occupational Safety and Health Administration will require tens of millions of people to be fully vaccinated by Jan. 4 or get tested weekly for the virus. Companies that don’t comply with the order face fines of up to $14,000 per violation, according to OSHA.

President Joe Biden previewed the new requirements in September. It’s not clear how many employees haven’t gotten their shots. Westerman said he opposes the vaccine mandates like he does all others.

“I’ve already written a letter and had the whole Arkansas delegation sign onto it and sent it to the Department of Education trying to be preemptive and telling them not to create any kind of school vaccine mandate,” said the Arkansas congressman. “We shouldn’t be requiring people to take a vaccine that they don’t want to take.”

He added that he has had the vaccine and believes it works, and he knows from talking to hospitals in his state that almost everyone being treated for COVID-19 is unvaccinated.

“But it’s still people’s choice on whether they want to take a vaccine or not,” Westerman stated during his appearance on the network. “The mandate with the federal government and government contractors is causing a lot of problems.”

“People are walking off their jobs and refusing to take the vaccine, and this is what we’ve got these huge supply chain issues. People can’t find labor. And now the federal government rolls in with the heavy hand and a wide brush thing,” he said.

The Arkansas Republican then pointed out that he doesn’t think the funding for Biden’s Build Back Better agenda will pass, not even before Christmas, and also said that the victories the Republican Party pulled in this week during the election were a referendum on what Democrats have been doing.

“I thought that finally, they’re going to back off of this, but it shows you how tone-deaf they are, that yesterday they decided to double down,” he concluded. “I believe it was five Democrats who wrote a letter to [House Speaker Nancy] Pelosi saying they won’t vote on it until there’s a CBO (Congressional Budget Office) score. Who knows when CBO is going to get a score, and I’m pretty sure that Democrats don’t want to see that score.”