Rep. Waltz Slams Biden Administration, Says They’ve Set The Stage For A ‘Terrorist Superstate’

Kabul, Afghanistan, August 10, 2021, Old Taliban tanks and guns on the outskirts of Kabul city

Rep. Michael Waltz hammered on the Biden administration in a recent interview, stating that their bungling of the Afghanistan troop withdrawal has “set the stage for a terrorist superstate,” while also leaving the Taliban with a significant number of very dangerous advantages.

According to the Florida Republican, the Taliban have access to billions of dollars in foreign currency, not to mention they practically own the international airport which will allow them, ISIS, al-Qaida, and any other terrorist group in the region to fly their people out all over the world. As if that isn’t enough, they are armed to the teeth with our own equipment, Waltz stated.

“It’s outrageous and it’s unconscionable,” Waltz said.

via Newsmax:

Waltz, who was stationed for several tours in Afghanistan as a Green Beret, also said he agrees that the Taliban’s reported move to block six airplanes carrying Americans from leaving the Mazar-i-Sharif International Airport in northern Afghanistan constitutes a hostage situation.

Waltz said he and a number of other lawmakers began predicting the situation back in April when President Joe Biden made his announcement about pulling out of Afghanistan.

“We began demanding back then that he starts the evacuation and that we were not to remove all of our military assets until every American was out,” said the Florida congressman. “But here we are. The administration is trying to kind of take a high five and call this an incredible success in turning the page but we still have Americans left behind.”

He said his office has been in touch with several grassroots veterans organizations “that have stepped into the void of leadership” to get Americans and Afghan allies to airports and onto charter flights, but they “couldn’t get the State Department to get the appropriate clearances.”

“Now we’re finally breaking through our own government bureaucracy [but] the Taliban won’t let them go,” he said. “Why? Because this administration has handed the Taliban a mountain of leverage on a silver platter in the form of hundreds of Americans. This potentially could be the largest hostage crisis since 1979 and it was caused by Joe Biden.”

Waltz then accused Biden’s administration of attempting to “wash their hands of the entire thing.”

“They want it to go away, get off the headlines and they can get back to their socialist progressive policy agenda,” Waltz continued. “But these American families can’t wash their hands of it. These are Afghan allies that are being hunted down as we speak.”

“The administration also wants the United States to believe it has leverage over the Taliban because the organization wants access to international legitimacy and economic assistance, but it’s actually the Taliban that has the upper hand, Waltz added,” the report stated.

“The Taliban has the leverage because every time we say no to all of their demands, they walk down the street and take another hostage or don’t let an airplane go,” said the congressman. “We’re already starting to see that play out.”

Waltz then stated that Biden has the blood of the 13 members of the military who died in Afghanistan as the result of a suicide bomber on his own hands and this situation isn’t simply going to disappear.

“As we head into the 20th anniversary of 9/11, we’re in a worse place than we were in 2001,” he stated. “The terrorism that is going to grow in Afghanistan won’t stay in Afghanistan. It’s going to spread like a cancer.”

Waltz then predicted Afghanistan will likely explode into civil war, which will require Americans, once again, to be sent back in to handle the situation, “just like we had to go back to Iraq to deal with [Barack] Obama’s mistake of yanking us out of there too soon.”