Rep. Tom Tiffany Slams Biden Admin For Not Vetting Afghan Refugees, Says Criminal Activity ‘Predictable’

According to Republican Rep. Tom Tiffany, the reports coming out about Afghan refugees committing violent crimes after arriving in the United States is “very predictable” due to the fact the Biden administration did not take action to ensure these individuals were properly vetted before they were granted permission to enter the country.

“We were told a month and a half ago by the Biden administration that everybody’s going through the process, that there’s a thorough vetting going on,” the Wisconsin Republican went on to say during an interview on Newsmax’s “Wake Up America.” “It’s clear that it’s not happening.”

via Newsmax:

Already, two Afghan refugees who were being housed at Fort McCoy, Wisconsin, have been indicted by a federal grand jury, with one of them charged with beating his wife and the other with the alleged rape of two young boys, noted Tiffany.

“We found out a month ago, when I made my first visit to Fort McCoy, that no one was being vetted,” the congressman went on to say. “It gets even worse this week when we heard about in Fort Bliss [Texas], where a group of Afghans that came here beat a female United States soldier. This stuff is going to continue because there was not a thorough vetting process. It’s awful.”

Tiffany predicted that the refugees charged in his state will not be deported will instead end up in the U.S. prison system, but he does hope they get prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

However, since the men are now in the United States, it is “virtually impossible for them to be removed from our country.”

He added that under the Biden administration, the United States government has “turned into a human trafficking enterprise.”

“I’ve been to the border twice this year. I’ve been to Panama. I saw them coming through the Darien Gap,” Tiffany added. “It is a pipeline coming to the United States. And, you have all these organizations that are facilitating, including the International Organization For Migration, a UN outfit that’s contracted by the State Department to resettle people in this country. They’re all part of the open borders group. They’re the ones that are controlling the flow at this point.”

This isn’t surprising.

Any time the left allows the folks to come into this country from other places around the world, you can almost guarantee the ulterior motive is making them lifetime Democratic Party voters.

Thus, they do not care about vetting migrants or refugees. It’s all political for them without a single concern for the safety and welfare of fellow Americans.