Rep. Tenney Rips Biden Apart Over Weak Leadership Concerning Ukraine Situation

Rep. Claudia Tenney stated on Wednesday that many leaders around the world have been stepping up as Russia continues its invasion in Ukraine, except for President Joe Biden, who she said is “waiting it out.”

“People say he’s leading from behind, but I think he’s following from behind,” the New York Republican went on to say during a chat on Newsmax’s “Wake Up America.” “He is trying to just run out the clock. They don’t want to deal with this issue. They don’t like watching this horrific situation unfolding before our eyes.”

On Tuesday of this week, leaders from Poland, Czechoslovakia, and Slovenia all traveled to Kyiv to meet with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, Tenney noted, where Biden keeps “running out the clock.”

“Why hasn’t he been there and negotiating?” asked Tenney, pointing out that French President Emmanuel Macron and other leaders from around the world are stepping up.

“We’re relying on France — of all places — and other leaders to actually stand up and lead the world,” she went on to say in her criticism of the president. “We do not have a world leader. We do not have a person capable of leading the world. We have a shadow government. With a bunch of staffers there. Whoever is running this thing I don’t know, but we’re not showing leadership, and that really worries me.”

via Newsmax:

She also called it “heartwrenching” that the United States is not being more aggressive toward Russian President Vladimir Putin, including providing more aid and working more with other world leaders.

In addition to Ukraine, there are concerns that China and Taiwan, and even the Russians, despite the hostilities in Ukraine, are negotiating the Iran nuclear deal, Tenney pointed out.

Tenney’s comments came before Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s speech to members of Congress, and she compared the Ukrainian leader to legendary British Prime Minister Winston Churchill.

“I don’t know if Biden will speak afterward because you’re going to see that his leadership pales in comparison,” Tenney stated. “[Zelenskyy] is a passionate leader who is in a critical time, much like Churchill was back during World War II. Authentic and passionate leaders do emerge from tough times, and I’m looking forward to his speech.”

“I hope that Americans will realize that it is really important for us to step up and to continue to provide the aid that they need to be able to fight this war with Russia,” the congresswoman said.

Meanwhile, she said Zelenskyy will be asking for the United States to institute a no-fly zone over Ukraine, as he did when he addressed Canadian leaders Tuesday, but she warned that U.S. involvement in that would be difficult.

“You’re going to involve U.S. combat and taking down planes in the no-fly zone, but I do think that this is a critical moment to have a leader such as Zelenskyy emerge in this situation,” Tenney stated.