Rep. Stefanik Says If Cuomo Gets Convicted, He Should Go To Prison

New York Republican Rep. Elise Stefanik recently sat down for an interview on Newsmax where she stated that disgraced former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo “should go to prison” if he’s convicted on a sexual abuse charge.

”I’ve said Andrew Cuomo should go to prison. I was the first elected official at the federal level to call for an investigation, to call for his resignation, and to call for him to be arrested,” Stefanik, the House Republican Conference chair, went on to say during an interview on ”Eric Bolling: The Balance.”

”This is one of a number of crimes that he has committed. He is a serial sexual predator, but also he has committed crimes of corruption,” the congresswoman added.

via Newsmax:

According to a criminal complaint filed Thursday in Albany City Criminal Court by the Albany County Sheriff’s Office, Cuomo is accused of a Class A misdemeanor by ”forcibly touching” a staffer on the second floor of the governor’s mansion around 4 p.m. Dec. 7, 2020.

The complaint alleges that Cuomo put his hand under the blouse of the staffer, touching her left breast.

”A person is guilty of forcible touching when such person intentionally, and for no legitimate purpose forcibly touches the sexual or other intimate parts of another person for the purpose of degrading or abusing such person, or for the purpose of gratifying the actor’s sexual desire,” the complaint stated.

According to the New York Lawyers website, Cuomo could be looking at up to a year in city or county jail if he ends up getting convicted. He might also be looking at some hefty fines, possibly placed on probation, or even have an order of protection from the woman placed on him by the court.

The charge Thursday is the first one since Cuomo was more or less forced to resign from office over all of the allegations and a rather scathing report from state Attorney General Letitia James, which discovered that Cuomo engaged in a very “disturbing” pattern of kissing, hugging, and even groping women that were part of his staff and some who weren’t.

The charge Thursday is the first since Cuomo resigned as governor in August following a scathing report from state Attorney General Letitia James that found Cuomo engaged in a ”disturbing” pattern of hugging, kissing and groping women both inside and outside of his staff while governor.

“Cuomo’s attorney, Rita Glavin, said in a statement to The New York Times that he ‘never assaulted anyone,’ and that this prosecution is motivated strictly by politics,” Newsmax reported.

”This is not professional law enforcement,” she said to the Times. ”This is politics.”

“Stefanik said that Cuomo’s executive orders during the COVID-19 pandemic led to the deaths of an estimated 15,000 seniors in the state, when he required seniors leaving the hospital with the virus to return to nursing homes and extended care centers, and then tried to cover up the information when the Department of Justice started asking questions,” the report continued.

”The criminal cover-up of the over 15,000 vulnerable seniors who lost their lives during the COVID pandemic, who he forcibly placed into nursing homes because of the executive order in New York state, which did not follow federal law,” she stated in conclusion. ”So, this is a criminally corrupt governor. He is disgraced, and for his attorney to claim politics, it’s just outrageous.”