Rep. Scott Fitzgerald Says Build Back Better Bill Will Be ‘Nail In The Coffin’ For Dems Reelection Bids

Rep. Scott Fitzgerald stated on Newsmax Friday that there are a few Democrats in Congress who are already barely holding on to their seats, that could see their chances at reelection next year completely disappear after the passage of the disastrous “Build Back Better” bill, which he went on to call the “nail in the coffin.”

“This bill is something that is not going to be easy to sell when you get back home, the Wisconsin GOP congressman stated during an interview on Newsmax’s “Wake Up America.” “I don’t know what Speaker [Nancy] Pelosi has promised some of these moderate members, but it better be something that is politically very helpful, because, I’m telling you that this is the type of thing that when you get back home in front of the Chamber of Commerce, good luck trying to explain it.”

Fitzgerald then commented about House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s record-setting 8.5 hour speech on the House floor overnight that led to the House being forced to wait to take a vote on the bill until Friday.

“[He] took it upon himself to carry the torch,” remarked Fitzgerald. “I thought he did a great job of delivering the message in many different ways. But you know, this is the bogus ‘Build Back Better’ bill. It’s just become evident, the lies that have been kind of thrown out there over the last three weeks by the president of the United States and the speaker of the House that this thing is not paid for.”

via Newsmax:

According to the long-awaited Congressional Budget Office score released Thursday the bill will increase the budget deficit by $367 billion between the years 2022 to 2031. The Treasury Department, however, says the IRS collections, through bringing in thousands of investigative agents, will bring in $400 billion to pay for the plan’s shortfalls.

The CBO report, however, said such collections will bring in about $127 billion in net revenue, leaving the bill’s spending some $250 billion short of being fully offset by the collections.

“Think of it; 80,000 new agents — enough to fill any football stadium in America — and the bottom line is, what they do is a little bit of an accounting trick,” Fitzgerald went on to say. “Basically what the CBO is saying is that you can’t necessarily count on that revenue. It creates a hole before the bill even passes and not only that, but the scrutiny on the American public is something that I think people are going to be very upset about.”

Well, throw in the border crisis, and the mess with the supply chain, and how President Joe Biden has done nothing to solve any of the issues facing the country right now and yeah, the left most definitely has a difficult, uphill battle before them.