Rep. Norman Tears Into Biden Administration For Being ‘Tone Deaf’ Concerning Border Crisis

According to South Carolina Congressman Ralph Norman, the Biden administration has proven to be “tone deaf” concerning the crisis happening at the southern border, which also includes the situation at the Del Rio Bridge, which he said is a “tragedy that is not going to go away.”

“Vice President [Kamala] Harris was supposed to be in charge of the whole deal with immigration,” he stated during his conversation on Newsmax’s “Wake Up America,” pointing out that Harris has only visited the border area once, and that was in El Paso and not near where the crisis is occurring.

via Newsmax:

Meanwhile, there are thousands of immigrants gathering at the bridge, said Norman, also complaining that Dr. Anthony Fauci isn’t addressing the health crisis that is also taking place there.

“Why isn’t he going on every news show and explaining the actions and, you know, answering questions?” said the congressman. “We know the president cannot answer questions. He’s not cognitively there. Del Rio is where everybody ought to be. Del Rio is where the tragedy is really taking place.”

He also called the immigration surge a tragedy for the United States, “particularly when all these million-and-a-half, two million get on the public dole and the cost is enormous.”

Norman also slammed the controversy over images of Border Patrol agents on horseback during confrontations with some of the immigrants, calling it a “hypocrisy” for lawmakers like Democrat Reps. Maxine Waters and Alexandria-Ocasio Cortez to be speaking out about the matter.

“How about the mothers who are having children without a physician present?” he went on to add. “How about the people? God knows what they have that are coming into this country and you know, it’s at a boiling point, and it’s not going away.”

Press Secretary Jen Psaki recently stated that the immigrants who have made camp at the Del Rio Bridge won’t be entering the United States for a long time, but Norman stated he doesn’t know “how they think we’re all stupid enough to believe that.”

“Who’s going to enforce that?” he asked. “It’s about votes. It’s all about getting them registered to have driver’s licenses. I feel for the citizen towns that they’re taking them to. ”

However, Norman believes cleaning up this mess is “very simple.”

“All you have to do is finish the wall, [use] the remain in Mexico policy and deport those who come across illegally. They’re just not doing it and nor do they want to. They want to maintain their power, and this is what this whole issue is about,” the congressman said.