Rep. Mike McCaul Refers To the COVID Pandemic As ‘Worst Cover-Up In Human History’

Coronavirus COVID-19 under the microscope. 3d illustration

Rep. Michael McCaul recently stated that the House GOP report concerning the origins of the coronavirus in Wuhan, China, has managed to find some evidence that the illness was actually impacting the area as far back as September 2019 and China then failed to abide by a 24-hour mandatory reporting regulation for…get this…months.

“This was clearly a major cover-up; I call it the worst in human history,” House Foreign Affairs Committee Ranking Member McCaul stated during the  Tuesday edition of  “The Chris Salcedo Show,” going on to point out that China, world health officials, U.S. health officials, Big Tech, mainstream media, and congressional Democrats are all suspect at this point in the investigation.

“They had decision, under the international health regulations after SARS in 2004, it was required to report this within 24 hours,” he continued. They defied that regulation for months.”

via Newsmax:

McCaul noted scientific evidence in September 2019 showing the “pandemic had already started, and they failed to notify the world, and now we have 4.5 million people dead.”

McCaul pointed to evidence “Sept. 12 the entire genetic sequencing data that was at the lab was taken from online to offline in the middle of the night, and then they put millions into security.”

“As a federal prosecutor, you don’t cover up something if you have nothing to hide,” McCaul then said.

According to the McCaul-led report, “satellite imagery” showed “massive amounts of traffic going to the hospitals” in September 2019.

“A lot of people are going to the hospital in September, and remember, we thought this started in January,” he proclaimed. “This was in September and all this is located right around where the Wuhan lab is actually physically located.”

McCaul then stated China’s reaction to the report demonstrates, “clear, Chris, this is getting under their skin.”

“We must be doing something right if I have the Chinese Communist Party at the highest levels targeting not only me, but the report itself and the committee,” he then said.

The National Institutes of Health and its subgrant the EcoHealth Alliance’s Peter Daszak should also be brought under scrutiny, according to McCaul and the report.

“They knew full well what was going on: It was called gain of function research, genetic manipulation where they took the bat specimens 1,000 miles away where the bat cave is that started SARS, and then came what’s called genetic manipulation gain of function, and that is where they start spicing the genes to create like a super SARS-like virus with the expectation of making a vaccine,” McCaul explained.

“Well, guess what, they did. They did create a super SARS-like virus under inadequate safety conditions, which is precisely why it leaked out,” the congressman added.

“And then finally, most sinister I found, was that they were able to genetically, with technology, modify this so that man-made fingerprints could be taken off of the virus, so it looks like a naturally occurring virus, McCaul went on to say.

One thing’s for sure. We need to know how this mess got started. Someone caused this mess, and that individual needs to be held accountable by the people of the United States for their actions.