Rep. Mike Johnson Says He’s Still Received No Response Concerning Why Several Dozen Haitians Were Dropped Off In Shreveport

Rep. Mike Johnson recently made an appearance on Newsmax where he stated that he’s not received an answer, as of Friday, from the letter he wrote to the White House demanding to know why several dozen Haitian immigrants were dropped off in the city of Shreveport, Louisiana.

And apparently the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency also informed the community they can expect more migrants to come their way.

“Shreveport, my hometown, last weekend got a busload of 80 Haitians,” the Louisiana Republican stated during his interview on Newsmax’s “Wake Up America,” going on to add that at least 400 or and possibly more immigrants have been let off in the area in recent months and ICE had told the community to “expect many more.”

“We don’t have many answers, and that’s why I had to send the letter to President Biden to figure this out,” the congressman said.

Mike Johnson then said that the real issue is that ICE and the Border Patrol agency are being overwhelmed with folks crossing over the border.

“The ICE officials, the Border Patrol agents are the most frustrated people in the world because they can’t enforce our federal immigration laws,” Johnson continued. “They were literally being ordered not to do so. The Border Patrol agents on the southern border are basically acting as processing agents for the cartels trafficking all these people across the border. This cannot continue. It’s a completely unsustainable trajectory that is happening.”

via Newsmax:

Meanwhile, House Democrats are pushing to defund ICE, and that is a “completely counterproductive, counterintuitive, nonsensical kind of policy to pursue,” said Johnson. “These people are flooding into the country, and by some estimates, we’ve had well over a million. My Texas colleagues in congress believe it may be closer to two million illegals have come across this open border just since January, just since President Biden took office, so. We call it the Biden border crisis for a reason and again, it’s not a sustainable situation.”

The immigrants are also being sent throughout the country, said Johnson, but “we don’t know who they are, because they have no verifiable form of identification. Most of them are not COVID tested, certainly not by Border Patrol because they have no mechanism to do that. They’re ushering them into the country and it’s the American taxpayers, of course, who are funding all of this.”

Meanwhile, the Biden administration has given an “open-door policy to everybody in the world,” said Johnson, and people from more than 100 countries and “possibly many more” are coming across the border.

“(They) send these people by bus or train or airplane often to cities around the country,” the congressman added. “They arrive there and there’s no mechanism to take care of them at that point, and so nonprofits and non-governmental agencies and organizations step in to house, clothe and feed them temporarily.”

This whole situation at the southern border is a total disaster. Biden passed the buck on this to Vice President Kamala Harris and she’s not done anything to help solve this situation. Maybe there’s a reason for that…