Rep. Michael Waltz Believes U.S. Will Have To Make Return To Afghanistan To Fight Both ISIS And al-Qaeda

According to Florida Congressman Michael Waltz, Congress will inevitably have to take action and send U.S. military forces back into Afghanistan in order to deal with terrorists from al-Qaeda and ISIS.

During Thursday’s episode of “Stinchfield,” Waltz stated that a “wide-open southern border” will provide these terrorists with a means of entering into the country, noting that 5,000  “hardened terrorists” were let out of Bagram Air Field during the botched troop withdrawal that was approved by President Joe Biden earlier this year.

One of those, Waltz said, “already turned into a suicide bomber that killed 13 Marines, a soldier and a sailor … and Biden is doing nothing. It’s a shoulder shrug in terms of preparing.”

However, Waltz made it clear he refuses to wait for another 9/11 kind of attack to take action.

“We’re going to mandate this through Congress,” he said during his conversation with show host Grant Stinchfield. “And, sadly, future American soldiers are going to have to go back to Afghanistan. I don’t want it to happen, but I think it’s a reality, to deal with al-Qaida and ISIS, that the Defense Department now says will be ready to hit us within six months.”