Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Shreds DC Warden Over Biased Tweets

After a visit to a jail located in Washington, D.C., which is currently being accused of abusing defendants being held before their trial in connection with the siege at the Capitol building last January, Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene, a Republican from Georgia, has shed light on tweets published by the deputy warden that demonstrate she holds extremely hateful anti-Trump sentiments, along with being anti-Bible, and even went so far as to call for the extinction of white people.

”There’s people who are being tortured and abused in the D.C. jail and other jails across the country, simply because they’re Trump supporters and they’re not BLM and antifa rioters,” Greene went on to say during an interview on Monday’s ”Greg Kelly Reports” calling for the firing of Kathleen Landerkin, the D.C. jail’s deputy warden, over the statements on her Twitter account.

Landerkin’s Twitter account has now been deleted.

”It’s absolutely 100% her political views is the reason why they’re being abused, and she’s not just any guard, Greg,” Greene went on to tell host Greg Kelly. ”She is actually the deputy warden of the D.C. jail. She oversees everything that these people go through in the jail.”

”She oversees their conditions, their treatment, where they’re housed in the jail, and everything that happens to them,” she said, adding, ”Any of the complaints they make, Kathleen Landerkin, their deputy warden would be fielding their complaints.”

via Newsmax:

Greene’s first interaction with Landerkin came in her November visit to the Jan. 6 defendants, along with Rep. Louie Gohmert, R-Texas.

”She said that we were trespassers, members of Congress were trespassers,” Greene continued. ”So this woman and her dangerous beliefs on Trump supporters is causing so many problems for these pre-trial Jan. 6 defendants.”

Among the tweets saved by Greene and her staff, Landerkin allegedly tweeted Nov. 24, 2019: ”F*** everyone who supports Trump.’

”That’s not her only tweet,” Greene revealed. ”We did a deep dive into her Twitter account, which she has now canceled, and her views are deeply disturbing. She not only hates Trump and his supporters, but she also doesn’t believe in a border wall; yet, she held these Jan. 6 defendants in complete solitary confinement for months and months.”

”She not only hates Trump, but she also doesn’t like white people and wants them to be extinct. She said that in one of her tweets,” the congresswoman stated.

”She also doesn’t like Bible verses on her Twitter timeline and many other disturbing things. So we saved all of her tweets and we’ll be going after Kathleen Landerkin. She needs to be fired. Her political bias is dangerous for pretrial defendants who are housed in the D.C. jail,” Greene remarked.

Greene did acknowledge those that being jailed have been accused of committing crimes, but they remain a part of the U.S. justice system, which considers the accused innocent until proven guilty.

”You know in America we have due process and we have a right to be presumed innocent until we’re proven guilty, and I believe in those rights,” Greene noted. ”I believe in our justice system and I know most Americans do. We never want to lose that in our country.”

The congresswoman then seemed to suggest that President Joe Biden also need to be held accountable for the “persecution” of the pretrial defendants involved in the Jan. 6 incident and the “torturing” that has happened under Landerkin.

”We need all Americans to come together on this one and to stop this political witch hunt and stop this authoritarian, out-of-control government Biden regime from just torturing their political enemies and using them as, basically, examples of how they’re going to treat Trump supporters going forward,” the Georgia Republican said.

Greene then urged those who tuned into the program to contact their representatives, along with Washington Mayor Muriel Bowser to address the speech and politically charged tweets from the D.C. jail’s deputy warden.

”Tell them how outraged you are that antifa, BLM rioters who attacked American cities for months on end — over 90% of them were let off their charges — yet people that rioted at the Capitol on Jan. 6 are being treated unbelievably, like political prisoners for the crimes that they’ve committed,” Greene said in conclusion.