Rep. Louis Gohmert Criticizes Biden Energy Policy, Says High Prices ‘Costing People Severely’

Texas Republican Rep. Louis Gohmert recently conduct an interview with Newsmax where he slammed the energy policies that are being pushed by the current administration, noting that the higher prices are “costing people severely.”

“It’s where Biden picked up from the (former President Barack) Obama administration, and where it’s heading (is) costing people severely,” Gohmert went on to say during a conversation he had with the hosts of  “American Agenda” Tuesday.

The Texas congressman then stated that President Joe Biden began his time in the White House by taking action to cancel the Keystone pipeline and has continued to oppose other pipeline projects ever since, all of which would have helped to stabilize prices as we continue to work toward coming out of the COVID pandemic.

“You can’t start an administration where you cancel a pipeline,” the congressman said. “You continue to work and cancel other pipelines. You make it harder to drill on federal land or cancel the ability to drill on federal land and keep taking incremental steps towards shutting down the production of oil and gas and not expect it to effect the price.

via Newsmax:

With gas prices at a 7-year high, Biden directed Department of Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm to release 50 million barrels of oil from the U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve to try and “bridge” the crisis until prices go down after working with other countries, the agency announced Tuesday.

“As we come out of an unprecedented global economic shutdown, oil supply has not kept up with demand, forcing working families and businesses to pay the price,” Granholm remarked in the recent announcement. “This action underscores the President’s commitment to using the tools available to bring down costs for working families and to continue our economic recovery.”

During a press briefing at the White House later in the day, Granholm said while professionals at the agency predict gas prices going down in 2022, the move to release some of the oil now, would “bridge” the current pricing crisis until the market goes back down.

“This administration realizes that people are seeing this every single day as they go to work, as they fill their cars with gas, and we also recognize who is hurt the most from this,” she went on to say during Tuesday’s press briefing that took place at the White House. “Low-income families spend up to 30% of their monthly income on fuel, on energy.”

Granholm then made the point that “no president” controls the price of gasoline because it’s an international market and she then noted that the current administration is seeing what she called a “global mismatch” between the supply and demand for oil and gasoline.

The thing is, President Biden may not have total control over the energy market, but his actions certainly have a dramatic impact on the overall price of gasoline, which we see clearly in the rise in prices that has happened since the Keystone pipeline was shut down.

“Oil production is lagging behind as the rest of the economy roars back (from the COVID-19 pandemic) to life,” she continued. “We, and this administration, is leaving no stone unturned as we examine the market to figure out what’s behind the high prices.”

She then revealed that the United States, along with several other nations around the globe, would be tapping into reserves as a means of putting more oil into the market to help drop prices over the next few weeks.