Rep. Keller Says That Biden’s Actions Are In Conflict With ‘Buy American’ Plan

Rep. Fred Keller took an opportunity on Thursday to fire a shot at President Joe Biden over his “Buy America” plan, chatting with Newsmax about how his action demonstrate that he doesn’t really mean what he’s saying.

“Why would he shut down the pipeline in the United States of America and allow the Russians to build theirs?” the Pennsylvania Republican went on to say during an interview on Newsmax’s “National Report,” after the president visited the lawmaker’s state to reveal an outline of his proposals.

“I mean, that’s a question somebody needs to ask this guy,” Keller continued.

via Newsmax:

He also accused Biden of having no faith in Americans, while saying former President Donald Trump had faith “and we saw how well it worked up until the Chinese hit us with their virus.”

Biden’s ratings are also tanking and has had low attendance at his public appearances because of his lack of leadership, said Keller.

Keller also discussed the push in his state for an audit of the 2020 election results, pointing out that his constituents and people across the country need to have faith again in their elections.

“(We have) the most liberal governor in the United States. Tom Wolf…(he) now agrees with photo ID for voters,” the congressman added. “The whole point is we need to make sure our elections are secure. Under the leadership of Seth Grove in the statehouse government committee, they’ve had hearings all across the commonwealth and actually put forth some good legislation for our elections in Pennsylvania, and the governor vetoed it. Now he’s got to do a reversal because he’s really realizing what they did listening to the people of the commonwealth. They made sense. Now the governor is scrambling just like the Biden administration scrambles every day of the week because they don’t have a clue.”

Keller also went on to say on Thursday that both Biden and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of attempting to cover up their “disastrous policies” by reinstating mask mandates.

“It’s about control,” he went on to say. “People weren’t doing what they want them to do…Speaker Pelosi and President Biden need to stop this charade.”

Keller then launched an attack on Biden concerning his insulting Americans by saying they aren’t as smart as he thought if they aren’t getting the COVID-19 vaccine.

“He shouldn’t be estimating anybody’s intelligence,” Keller exclaimed. “What he should be doing is be worried about his job” and about the “root causes” of the current border crisis.

“I’ll tell you the root cause: Joe Biden and Kamala Harris and their policies,” he zinged.

Keller is pretty much spot on about everything. Biden is continuing to prove that his policies are dangerous for the future of our country, and the truth is, most Americans are well aware of that fact.

His putting Vice President Kamala Harris in charge of the border crisis was a mistake that he might not recover from in the 2022 midterms, which could lead to Republicans taking a majority in both Houses of Congress.