Rep. Jim Jordan Says That Most Americans Think The U.S. Is On The Wrong Track

Rep. Jim Jordan, an Ohio Republican, made an appearance on Newsmax where he stated that most Americans think the country is headed down the wrong path, however, he also thinks that in light of the recent wins the GOP secured during elections this week, things might be changing.

”Turns out when the message is, government is smarter than parents, and we’re going to defund the police — most Americans don’t like it. I mean, and then you couple that with the fact that — what was it? The survey this week, I think was like 71% of the country thinks we’re on the wrong track,” Jordan went on to say during a conversation on Wednesday’s ”Eric Bolling: The Balance.”

Jordan was making a reference to a recent NBC News poll that revealed a staggering 7 in 10 Americans, which also includes half of Democrats, think that the U.S. is not heading in the right direction.

”I think the real question should be, who are these 29%, who likes the inflation going up?” Jordan went on to say. ”Who likes the border in crisis? Who likes the supply chain problems? Who likes the price of gas at $3.50? Who likes the lack of respect?”

”When you put all that together,” the Ohio Republican added, ”it’s no wonder that Glenn Youngkin was elected last night” in the Virginia governor’s race.”

via Newsmax:

Appearing alongside Jordan, Mark Meadows, former chief of staff to former President Donald Trump, added: ”I’m headed to Nevada because what you’re starting to see now is this red wave is picking up, so I’ll be in Nevada next week to take this and move this forward.

”But it also shows one other thing when parents of schoolchildren get involved. You know what, it makes for good politics,” he concluded.