Rep. James Comer Slams Democrats, Says They’ve Turned A ‘Blind Eye’ To Border Crisis

Rep. James Comer recently sat down for an interview on Tuesday where he stated that Democrats, along with the Biden administration are turning a “blind eye” to the crisis that is currently unfolding along the southern border and ignoring it altogether by not coming to visit the area.

“We’re having all sorts of humanitarian issues and the Democrats just want to turn a blind eye, and it’s very unfortunate,” Comer said during his chat with the hosts of  “Spicer & Co.” “I don’t think [Vice President Kamala Harris] wants to go to the border because she knows the media will follow her – and so many of the media have also turned a blind eye to this.”

“They’re trying to downplay this,” he added.

via Newsmax:

Comer’s comments referred to the record number of illegal immigrants who have been caught at the southwest border since President Joe Biden by executive order reversed or relaxed many of the policies put in place by his predecessor, Donald Trump.

The unprecedented surge has created overflowing numbers at detention centers and forced the Biden administration to create temporary facilities.

“[Harris is] she’s away with this because the media is confused,” Comer went on to say.

He added that Trump and anyone who spoke in favor of his policies of attempting to secure the border earns a label of “racist” by the many news outlets.

The media doesn’t “know what to do – in this world of political correctness – when you have ‘The Squad’ and so many of the socialists in the Democratic Party now trying to imply that anyone trying to secure the borders are racists,” he said referring to the group of self-identified socialist Democrat Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortes of New York, Ayanna Pressley of Massachusetts, Ilhan Omar of Minnesota, and Rashida Tlaib of Michigan.

Comer then took aim at Democrats for pushing policies that encourage illegal immigration and then doing nothing to help stop the constant flow of folks who are pouring over into the United States.

“They don’t know what to do and they just hope that this issue will go away, and obviously it’s not going away,” Comer continued. “It’s terrible and it’s just unimaginable that Kamala Harris hasn’t set foot on the border. She is the border czar now, according to President Joe Biden.

“This is costing the taxpayers billions of dollars. Money means nothing to the Democrats. I’ve never seen spending like I’ve seen in the last four and a half months, and it’s not going to end,” the congressman added.

He then called on both the federal authorities and charitable organizations to set up on the Mexican side of the U.S. border, noting that he wants the U.S. to stop paying for countries located in Latin America to stem the flow of migrants.

“We want to help these people that are trying to come across the border legally,” he stated. “Let’s set up Red Cross and FEMA on the Mexican side of the border and try to help these people, but we cannot allow these people to continue to come to the border and trying to pay countries to slow the influx of their residents fleeing their country to come to the United States… that’s only going to make the problem worse.”

“Everything they do in the Biden-Harris Administration makes this crisis worse every day,” Comer concluded.