Rep. Hartzler Says House Armed Services Committee Hearings Make It ‘Apparent’ Biden Lied On Troops

Rep. Vicky Hartzler, a Republican from the state of Missouri and one of the members currently serving on the House Armed Services Committee, which is questioning Pentagon leaders during hearings on the troop withdrawal from Afghanistan, stated that what she got out of the sessions was that President Joe Biden lied when he said that his military leaders never advised him to leave a minimum of 2,500 troops in Afghanistan.

“It became apparent that he lied,” Hartzler went on to say during a conversation on Newsmax’s “Wake Up America.”

“It also became very apparent that leaving Bagram Airbase was s a result of this decision to go down to 650 troops that the White House and the State Department made, so that’s why the Defense Department moved those 650 soldiers to the embassy and to Kabul,” she added.

Due to all of that, the prison located at Bagram was shutdown, which allowed more than 5,000 terrorists to be released into the country.

via Newsmax:

She told Newsmax that she tried to get answers from Secretary of State Lloyd Austin on whether one of those prisoners was the suicide bomber behind the deaths at the Kabul airport, where 13 American service members and hundreds of Afghan civilians were killed, but he demurred and said he’d have to get back with her on the record with that information.

“That was very disturbing,” the Missouri Republican said.

Meanwhile, she said she doesn’t know the reasons behind an Aug. 29 drone strike that killed 10 civilians, including 7 children, but “when you take all of your soldiers and your intelligence agencies out of the country before the American citizens, you’re going to have miscues.”

“You don’t have people there on the ground, giving you that good intelligence,” Hartzler added. “That was part of this botched operation and that President Biden ordered the pulling out of all of our troops before the American citizens is unbelievable. We still have American citizens trapped there. We still have the interpreters that helped us, the special immigrant visa applicants that are left there. It is just a travesty.”

Hartlzer then asked Gen. Mark Milley, who is the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, about phone calls that were made between himself and his counterpart in China, when he told him that he’d call him if America was planning an imminent military strike.

“He admitted and said, well sure, I told him that,” said the congresswoman. “Because of that, I told him he should resign because, in my mind, that is against the best interests of America. You could even argue it’s treason. China is our number one adversary and to think that he did that was just reprehensible.”