Rep. Gimenez Says Americans Have Zero Confidence In The CDC

According to Congressman Carlos Gimenez, Americans have a whole lot less confidence in the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention than they did a couple of years ago when the COVID pandemic first started, and there are now even questions being asked concerning what the real numbers are of infections in the U.S.

“Why the inconsistency?” the Florida Republican went on to say during a conversation on Newsmax’s “National Report.” “Why does the CDC continuously change its mind and give different guidance whey they’re supposedly following the science? Science doesn’t change that often, so obviously it seems to me like they’re pulling things out of the air and making it up as they go along.”

via Newsmax:

Gimenez’s comments come as questions grow about the numbers of people who were hospitalized for COVID-19 infections versus people who are admitted to hospitals for other reasons and then test positive for virus.

“What’s the real number, and what has been the real number in the United States as far as COVID is concerned, and how about the COVID deaths?” he asked. “What is the number of COVID deaths that are actually due to COVID, and not just people who happened to have COIVD? Those are some of the questions I would like to ask,” he stated.

Meanwhile, Chicago is set to reopen its schools for in-class learning, and Gimenez said that’s the right approach nationwide.

“The science has shown that children are much safer in school than otherwise,” Gimenez went on to stated during the interview, pointing out that there are still a few loopholes that will enable Chicago officials to close the schools again.

“In Florida, in my county, schools are open,” he continued. “They do wear masks, etc., but the schools are open. All the science has shown that the kids are much better off in school then being in remote learning or being out of school.”

There is also federal funding that has been allocated to help schools deal with surges, including getting HEPA filters in place and to cover funding for masks, Gimenez commented.

The congressman is absolutely right on the money. Americans have indeed lost their faith and trust in the CDC. And they only have themselves to blame.

Perhaps they should have told the truth from the very beginning instead of playing politics? Then their credibility wouldn’t be shot.