Rep. Comer Slams Biden On Gas Prices, Says He Won’t Solve The Problem

According to Congressman James Comer, President Joe Biden is not likely going to take action to resolve the situation concerning spikes in gas prices and his administration doesn’t want to own up to the fact that it made huge mistakes with our country’s energy industry.

“I think he’s just hoping every night when he goes to bed that some miracle is going to happen, and when he wakes up in the morning oil prices are going to start down, but that’s not the case,” the Kentucky Republican stated during an interview on Newsmax’s “Wake Up America.”

Biden, Comer continued, is a “big reason” why the prices have gone up so high, after he “canceled things like the Keystone [XL] pipeline and banned drilling on federal lands” and then increased the amount of regulation on already existing wells and refineries.

“The whole energy production industry in America is under attack by this administration,” said the congressman. “They couldn’t foresee when they took office a year ago what was going to happen with Russia and Ukraine?”

“They just felt like things would keep going as they were, and they wanted to pander to their left-wing socialist base that’s obsessed with climate change. So they said, We’re going to do everything we can to make life hard on the energy [industry],” he added.

via Newsmax:

But now, the administration doesn’t want to admit it made mistakes, “so they’re just going to hope that things get better, and it doesn’t look like they’re going to,” said Comer.

Meanwhile, inflation hit a reported 7.9%, according to reports on Thursday, and Comer blamed that on the Biden administration for allowing “a bunch of liberal college professors dictate American policy.”

“If you ever wondered what would happen to the world, if a bunch of university professors took over, we’re seeing that now it’s not just with energy prices … [it’s] with everything,” Comer remarked. “The whole reason we have inflation is that the Democrats have been on an unrealistic spending spree. A spending spree that would be unimaginable to our founding fathers.”

He then added that congressional spending over the course of the last year has been on “steroids.”

“The Democrats can’t spend enough money, and when you ask them, How are you going to solve inflation? they say Well, we need to spend more money. That’s the absolute worst answer because spending more government money will lead to more inflation,” he went on to say.