Rep. Comer Rips President Biden’s Call For Boosters, Says More Information Is Needed

Rep. James Comer recently stated that he, along with fellow member of the Republican Party Rep. Steve Scalise, are currently in the process of asking the Food and Drug Administration for documentation concerning President Joe Biden’s push for folks to take booster shots of the COVID vaccine, so they can determine what his motivation for the demand might be.

“Joe Biden’s been in office for eight months [and] he has never nominated an FDA commissioner,” the Kentucky Republican went on to say on Wednesday’s ”Wake Up America.”

“What he has over there are a bunch of career bureaucrats that it appears he’s trying to strong-arm on this booster shot issue,” he continued.

via Newsmax:

Further, Comer pointed out, “a normal president” would have held a press conference while surrounded by health experts from his medical team in connection with a decision as important as recommending booster shots.

Comer’s comments came before the FDA’s staff announced in a document published on its website Wednesday that it was declining to take a stance on backing booster shots of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine because U.S. examiners had not “independently reviewed or verified the underlying data or their conclusions,”CNBC reports.

The agency said some of the studies, “including data from the vaccination program in Israel, will be summarized during the September 17, 2021 VRBPAC meeting.”

The staff also said there have been observational studies that suggest Pfizer’s vaccine has a declining efficacy over time against the delta variant or symptomatic infection, but other studies have not.

Comer then stated that many Americans are starting to stand up against vaccine mandates due to the fact that Biden has left our borders wide open and isn’t requiring any of those who crossover to be vaccinated.

“They’re not even testing a lot of these people before they move them into sanctuary cities all over the U.S., so Joe Biden is just making the whole vaccination issue worse,” Comer went on to state. “I am strongly opposed to mandates for vaccines.”

Comer then pointed the finger at Vice President Kamala Harris for some of the vaccine hesitancy that is being experienced by Americans due to her comments about not taking the vaccine if it was developed by then-President Donald Trump.

“We’ve got a problem with messaging coming out of the White House,” the Congressman said. “That’s why Scalise and I are doing this letter because we fear that this decision was made purely for political reasons.”

”Biden, Fauci and Pelosi have all said previously that we would not require vaccine mandates now because of political turmoil facing the Democrat Party. They’ve changed. That’s why we want to see the communication between the FDA and the Biden administration that gave them the basis for this decision to require boosters and recommend booster shots,'” he added.