Rep. Claudia Tenney Says It’s All ‘Over’ For Cuomo; He’s ‘No Bill Clinton’

Rep. Claudia Tenney, a Republican from New York, recently sat down for an interview with conservative news network, Newsmax, stating that Gov. Andrew Cuomo has faced a number of scandals during his years in public service, but the current report that goes into detail about multiple complaints of sexual harassment means it’s “pretty much over” for him as he’s “no Bill Clinton.”

“I was hoping it was long ago with all the numerous scandals, ending with this most recent one, but also last year with the nursing home scandal with the cover-up and the lies,” Tenney stated during the Saturday edition of “America Right Now.” “There’s just so many things.”

Tenney also noted that, except for a few folks, Cuomo lacks support from his fellow Democrats.

“I don’t know why he wants to put himself through this,” Tenney said to host Tom Basile during their conversation. “He’s not going to be the next Bill Clinton. He’s not a beloved character by a lot of people. Bill Clinton did a lot of things that you know: He ended up lying and perjuring himself.”

Tenney added that Cuomo is a “bully” that has a lengthy history of abusing his political power.

“Gov. Cuomo has chased away people,” she went on to say. “He doesn’t really have any friends left, and that’s what I think is startling and very different than what happened with Bill Clinton.”

“I can’t think of anyone who abused his power and the New York state taxpayers’ money more than Andrew Cuomo. Other than maybe our own Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who is acting like she’s got a 70-person majority. Cuomo has really set a standard that is really reprehensible in our state,” Tenney added.

via Newsmax:

The current scandal could finally mean an impeachment vote against the Democrat governor and political scion, and if that happens, the procedure would be much different than impeachment proceedings on the federal level, Tenney said.

“Under our Constitution, once the impeachment articles are approved by the assembly first, the governor is no longer the governor, and Lt. Gov. Kathy Hochul becomes the interim governor,” the congresswoman stated. “And then he awaits trial, which also is a little different than the federal side. It includes the appointees that governor put into the court of appeals to New York’s highest appellate court, and they will also sit in judgment of Gov. Cuomo.”

Tenney definitely hit the nail on the head when she spoke about Cuomo’s lack of support. A total of 42 out of 62 Democrat county party chairs are requesting that he step down from his current position as governor.

The congresswoman went on to state that Cuomo’s denials of wrongdoing are “outrageous” as he’s created a “hostile work environment.”