Rep. Chris Stewart Says Democrat Leaders, Pelosi, Finding Out Getting Votes To ‘Destroy The American Dream’ Isn’t Easy

According to Rep. Chris Stewart, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her progressive pals in the House are finding out that it isn’t easy to find enough votes to “destroy the American dream and impose this culture of dependency,” but they will eventually scrounge up the votes needed.

“What we’re seeing is it takes time to destroy the American dream and to impose this culture of dependency,”  the Utah Republican stated during a conversation on Newsmax’s “National Report.” “This is an extraordinarily difficult thing they’re trying to do, because it changes our nation in enormously important ways, in fundamental ways. It changes our nation forever if they’re able to do that, and so you’ve got to have the progressives on board. It’s very clear they can’t do it without them.”

via Newsmax:

Pelosi and President Joe Biden must also be able to “browbeat enough moderates” to put their concerns and their own elections aside, said Stewart, but he does think they’ll succeed.

“I just think Miss Pelosi is brilliant and she’s brutal when it comes to politics, and I think she’s going to be able to browbeat enough to these people into submission that they’re going to eventually get their bill,” he continued.

Meanwhile, the committee investigating the Jan. 6 incidents on Capitol Hill has issued a batch of new subpoenas this week targeting the Trump White House. Stewart said he understands the Capitol breach was important and it was “detrimental to our country,” but he denied that it was a “grand insurrection that was designed and implemented” by President Donald Trump to take over the government.

“It’s just nonsense, and as we begin to see finally, from the FBI and Department of Justice, the actual evidence they’re looking at, and we see how entirely underwhelming it is,” said the congressman. “Some people can claim it’s the most important thing we’re doing, but the evidence doesn’t support that. I think it’s just silly for them to make that claim when the evidence indicates completely the opposite.”