Rep. Cammack Slams Dems Over Capitol Mask Arrest Order, Calls It ‘Tyrannical’

Rep. Kat Cammack recently spoke with Newsmax, stating that an order for Capitol Police officers to arrest congressional staff members and visitors who aren’t wearing masks in the complex and to report members of Congress who are walking around without a mask is “what a tyrannical entity does.”

She’s right. It’s insane that anyone in our government could think this kind of action is okay. This is not what this nation stands for. Clearly, this mask mandate is an affront to our way of life.

“This agency, the Capitol Police, who does a phenomenal job in protecting members and staff and visitors, and I have the utmost respect for, they are being used to execute (Speaker) Nancy Pelosi’s political agenda,” the Florida Republican stated during a chat on Newsmax’s “John Bachman Now.”

“This is trash,” she added.

via Newsmax:

Cammack earlier Thursday¬†revealed on Twitter that she’d gotten a copy of a memo issued to officers¬†ordering them to take action against people who are in violation of Pelosi’s mask order.

“I happened to run into a capitol police officer who knows me and trusts me and said, ‘hey, you’ve got to see this,” Cammack went on to tell show host John Bachman. “This was shared at our morning roll call…this is not just for entering the building.”

Cammack then called the order “incredible” and “unprecedented.”

She went on to question House attending physician, Dr. Brian Monahan, who is the authority behind this new reinstated mask order.

The “mandate,” Cammack said, was based on an unpublished report concerning a population of people in India that had received a vaccine not available in the United States.

“It came out in the news that that study failed peer review because the data was so shoddy,” Cammack stated.

She added that she’s seen Pelosi and other Democrats walking around without wearing masks, even after the new fine warning.

Further, immigrants are coming across the border unmasked, argued Cammack, leaving Border Patrol agents to fight for their lives.

“This isn’t a question about science,” she concluded. “We know what the science is, and no one is saying that they’re anti-vax. But what we are saying is that there is absolutely no room for the federal government to mandate someone to get a vaccine, and as with regard to these masks, we know that the science and the data on the masks is faulty. “