Rep. Burgess Says President Biden Owes Border Officials An Apology For Migrant Surge

Rep. Michael Burgess stated on Friday that President Joe Biden needs to issue an apology to officers working for Border Patrol who are being “overtaxed by the sheer numbers” of illegal immigrants pouring across the border into the United States, especially as the number of unaccompanied minors explodes.

“Biden knew this was a problem,” the Texas Republican stated during an interview on Fox Business’ “Mornings With Maria.” “It was a problem in 2014 when he was vice president. That’s when it crossed a lot of our consciousness when we had a surge of migrants coming across. We went down to see for ourselves what was going on there.”

Burgess went on to add that the current situation we’re witnessing is the “same crisis, except it’s magnified because the coyotes and traffickers located on the downstream side have found a way to “monetize” how they are bringing these folks to the U.S.

“If Biden sends a message, ‘y’all come,’ they’re more than willing to collect money from people and help them get up here,” he continued.

via Newsmax:

Meanwhile, he slammed the president’s first press conference after taking office as a “triumph of low expectations.”

“Look, the press conference was put off for so long, there was so much speculation about the president’s ability to even conduct a press conference, the fact that he got through it with no major problems is in and of itself a victory for the Biden administration,” said Burgess. “But as far as the border’s concerned, it is not a victory, not a victory for the American people.”

He did say he agrees with Biden on one thing, that there is a seasonal variation on immigration.

“If it is this bad in February and March, it is going to be absolutely awful by the time we get to May and June,” said the Texas congressman. “We’ve seen it before. And again, the folks at Customs and Border Protection will get absolutely overwhelmed with unaccompanied migrant children, who come in that have got no place to go.”

This guy nailed it. Biden definitely owes Border Patrol a serious apology. The rest of us too, since he’s the inspiration for this whole immigration mess that is taxing an already unstable economic situation.

He’ll never do it though, whether because of pride or because of his health.