Rep. Burchett Says Speaker Pelosi Likely Pulling Back Infrastructure Vote

According to Rep. Tim Burchett, the House vote on the $1.2 trillion infrastructure legislation was still part of the agenda early on Thursday, but House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will probably pull it down due to the fact it doesn’t have the votes necessary to pass.

However, that doesn’t mean that it won’t eventually come up for a vote and unfortunately, probably pass, Burchett stated during an interview on “Wake Up America.”

“She’ll get her vote eventually because she’ll close it down, and then we’ll have people here wringing their hands,” said the Tennessee Republican. “She knows how to work and she’ll make people suffer in Congress, and actually, the real people in this world that actually work for a living, that work for our government. She’ll make them suffer and they’ll light up our phones and then we’ll cave eventually, I suspect.”

via Newsmax:

Meanwhile, Democrat Sens. Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona, are still opposing the $3.5 trillion reconciliation spending bill. Progressives in the House say they’ll refuse to vote for the infrastructure bill without the reconciliation bill.

The Tennessee congressman then stated that he believes the House Democrats will probably cave, but they’ll then use both Manchin and Sinema as fodder during their bids for reelection.

“Democrats, I’ve stated many times, are better with the stick or the carrot,” Burchett went on to say during the interview. “They’ll end up folding, most of them will, and then they’ll talk bad about Manchin and Sinema behind their backs and run for reelection on that. Generally, politicians are pretty gutless people, I’ve found, and they won’t do what’s right. They’ll just do what’s best for them to get reelected, and they don’t give a damn about the United States of America, unfortunately.”

Meanwhile, if Pelosi comes back with a $2.5 trillion bill that Manchin and Sinema can approve, that would be the bargaining chip that could come into play, said Burchett.

“I raised the speed limit in Tennessee,” he continued. “I think I asked for 95 and took a lot less. As you can imagine that’s … another way. It’s just bargaining.”

Meanwhile, the congressman said that the momentum is there for Republicans to take back the House in 2022.

“The American public [are] tired of this,” he concluded. “They’re tired of [Chuck] Schumer and dadgum it, poor Joe Biden, you know somebody’s gonna have to break the news to him a month later that they don’t have the majority anymore in the House of Representatives.”