Rep. Brian Babin Shreds Biden Over His Border Policy, Refers To It As A ‘Disgrace’

According to Texas Republican Rep. Brian Babin, the current southern border policy being put forth by President Joe Biden and his administration is a “disgrace to America.”

And he’s absolutely right on the money.

Babin conducted an interview with the host of “Wake Up America” where he was reminded that U.S. Customs and Border Protection statistics revealed that more than 2 million unauthorized migrants had come across the U.S.-Mexico border over the course of the last 12 months.

“It’s a disgrace what this man [Biden] and the liberal Democrats that support him and his administration are doing to America,” Babin went on to tell host Rob Finnerty during the interview, “and to Americans — jeopardizing us with COVID, with drugs, with human trafficking over and over again.”

“Over 2 million came across that we know of last year. That’s essentially like the population of Washington D.C. times three. And there doesn’t look like any chance of slowing this thing down,” he said.

Babin then stated that allowing migrants to come into the United States was part of a “grand strategy” cooked up by the radical left to help grow their progressive party.

“This is something they want to do. Bring a man, put him on the pathway to citizenship, let him vote,” Babin stated during the interview.

via Newsmax:

The congressman also was asked about a tweet he posted Tuesday afternoon, when he said that Biden did not want to make public results of an investigation into the allegations of Border Patrol agents using their horse reins to whip Haitian migrants.

“@POTUS had no problem demonizing @CBP’s mounted agents based on photos that were later debunked. Now, he doesn’t want to make the investigation findings public? Unacceptable! Americans deserve transparency & the agents Biden smeared deserve an apology,” Babin went on to say in a tweet.

Babin then stood up for the agents during his appearance on the program.

“Even an anonymous source within the Department of Homeland Security said they do not want to reveal what the facts are after this investigating of this whipping incident because it’s going to make Biden and [Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro] Mayorkas look so terrible,” he told show host Finnerty.

“These men on these horsebacks, these on Border Patrol agents, were doing exactly as they were trained to do. They’ve been doing it for decades,” he concluded.