Rep. Babin Tears Into Biden For Allowing COVID-Positive Migrants Into The US

Texas Rep. Brian Babin came out swinging for the fences against the Democratic leadership of current President Joe Biden over allowing migrants who crossed into the United States illegally to travel all over the country despite the fact they were infected by the coronavirus.

Making an appearance on the Wednesday edition of “Spicer & Co.,” Babin went on to denounce the “hypocrisy” of handing over plane tickets to illegal migrants so they can travel all across the nation while they have COVID-19 while “the rest of us,” meaning members of Congress, “have to mask up, and go into, you know, seclusion again.”

via Newsmax:

Babin said that after visiting the Rio Grande Valley, migrants who were COVID-positive and in the country illegally were traveling on the same plane with him.

”Maybe a third to half of my airplane was full of illegal migrants,” Babin went on to claim, “all with free cellphones and new clothes, and being flown out, and some of them in first class, I noticed, all over this country. And this is what’s going on.”

“Even in our Air Force bases … we know that they were flying illegal migrants out on airplanes, and now we find out they’re COVID-positive,” he added.

Babin said that Title 42 could solve this problem, despite the Biden administration’s efforts to end it. According to the American Immigration Council, under Title 42, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s director would be permitted to “prohibit … the introduction into the United States of individuals when the Director believes that ‘there is serious danger of the introduction of [a communicable] disease into the United States.'”

If there’s one thing liberals are masters at, besides lying, it’s hypocrisy. We all know the real reason why these folks are being given a free pass. Let’s just say the voter rolls for the Democratic Party are going to be expanding exponentially over the next few years.