Rashida Tlaib Slams Democrats Calling To Moderate: ‘Not Interested In Unity’

Rep. Rashida Tlaib has rejected calls from folks within her own party to dial back the extreme progressive sloganeering with thing like “defund the police,” stating that those kind of calls are trying to silence her and her voters.

via Daily Wire:

Tlaib pushed back against the calls to moderate in an interview with Politico on Tuesday. Moderates in the party have blamed poor results in a number of close races, with several incumbent Democrats losing to their GOP challengers, on the extreme stances of many prominent Democrats such as Tlaib and New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Tlaib said that the moderate Democrats’ complaints are an attempt to shift blame and avoid responsibility. Tlaib also accused the moderate members of the party of attempting to sideline the party’s progressive wing as former Democratic Vice President Joe Biden is likely to win the presidency, according to Politico.

“We’re not going to be successful if we’re silencing districts like mine,” Tlaib said. “Me not being able to speak on behalf of many of my neighbors right now, many of which are black neighbors, means me being silenced. I can’t be silent.”

“We are not interested in unity that asks people to sacrifice their freedom and their rights any longer,” Tlaib went on. “And if we truly want to unify our country, we have to really respect every single voice. We say that so willingly when we talk about Trump supporters, but we don’t say that willingly for my black and brown neighbors and from LGBTQ neighbors or marginalized people.”

It’s individuals like Tlaib and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez with their very extreme socialist rhetoric that pose the biggest threat to our nation. It’s imperative that we as conservatives continue to control the Senate and hopefully gain control of the House in the midterms so that we can neutralize the dangerous policies these individuals push.