Rand Paul Shreds Fauci, Calls Him A ‘Left-Wing Advocate For Elitism’ And A ‘TV Pundit’

Sen. Rand Paul just torched Dr. Anthony Fauci, calling him a “left-wing advocate for elitism” over his handling of guiding our country through the coronavirus during the current pandemic.

Paul recently sat down for a chat with Lisa Boothe for her The Truth With Lisa Boothe podcast, saying that Fauci is “busy wearing three masks, strutting around, and getting books written about him and everybody calling him the world’s best doctor, when in reality all he is a TV pundit and really a left-wing advocate for elitism.”

“If Dr. Fauci wanted to save lives, he could be saying on his four trips to CNN each day, is that you can have your life saved if you get the monoclonal antibodies before you get too sick,” Paul said, referring to proteins that copy the immune system’s ability to fight off viruses. “But if you wait too long, they won’t give them to you, and you’ll go to the ventilator.”

via Washington Examiner:

Paul added that there should be a public service announcement on monoclonal antibodies because Fauci and other health leaders have been quiet on the topic, and there’s only a limited window of time for people before it’s too late to receive them.

“So if you wait too long, let’s say you just say, ‘You know, I’m never sick, and I’m staying at home. I’m staying at home.’ And then, all of a sudden, you wake up one morning. You can’t breathe at all. You get there, and your oxygenation is 75 or 80. And they’re thinking about a ventilator. And you say, ‘Can I have the monoclonal antibodies?’ It’s actually too late.”

Paul’s comments come after the pair of doctors have sparred during Senate hearings about the particulars of the coronavirus, including in September when Paul questioned Fauci on how preexisting cross-reactive immunity could potentially stop the spread of COVID-19, citing data from Asia. Fauci told Paul that there was no evidence making that case.

Back in November, The NY Times published a piece that contained a lot of research that backed up the claims Paul made and showed that some adults and a lot of children actually carried an antibody that can prevent the coronavirus infection, including COVID-19.

Paul and Fauci have gone back and forth, verbally sparring with one another on numerous occasions now, and for good reason.

Fauci is nothing more than a doomsayer and a fear monger, working to justify the unconstitutional measures Democrats have been taking to try and end this pandemic.