Rand Paul Says Government Officials Need To Focus More On COVID Therapeutics, Less On Vaccines

According to Kentucky Republican Sen. Rand Paul, government officials and medical experts need to increase the time spent pushing and promoting COVID-19 therapeutics and less on vaccines and mandates.

Paul, a doctor, stated that the United States has now reached a level of resistance to the coronavirus that will allow the country to cope with the disease. Messaging at this point needs to be geared toward the few at-risk folks who have not received a COVID vaccination.

“The main thing we need to do, and that Dr. [Anthony] Fauci’s still not doing, is promote the idea that there are therapeutics and people need to come in [to the hospital] early,” Paul went on to say during an interview with host Rob Finnerty on “Wake Up America.”

“If you wait, and you wait, and you get so sick that you can barely breathe when you go to the hospital, those treatments don’t work,” he continued.

Paul then said that vaccines are still useful, despite the fact they do not stop the transmission of COVID-19.

“I still think the vaccine reduces your risk for hospitalization, as does previous infection. But I don’t think that mandating the vaccine or the government getting involved is the right way,” he said during his chat with Newsmax.

“It also ignores the fact that really the vast majority of people at risk for this disease have voluntarily gotten vaccinated. This is something they won’t tell you if you watch CNN and everybody’s ringing their hands saying, No one’s been vaccinated! It’s not true — 97% of people over 65 have voluntarily been vaccinated,” he added.

via Newsmax:

Paul warned that people overweight and those 55-and-up who are at home getting sicker, need to get to the hospital where monoclonal antibodies work best in first five-to-10 days.

“I have not heard Fauci one time go on television and say, Implore people to get early treatment,” Paul commented.

He then said that if the government wants more people to take the jab, officials need to start telling the truth.

“Tell them previous infection works, and you probably don’t need to get vaccinated if you had an infection. You’re not at risk,” Paul said durin the conversation he had with Finnerty.

“But then also, the people who are not vaccinated, it looks like if you’re vaccinated, you are 20 times less likely to go to the hospital, but also 55 times less likely to go the hospital if you’ve been infected,” the Kentucky Republican said.

Paul cited the recent Johns Hopkins University analysis that indicated COVID-19 lockdowns in the spring of 2020 reduced COVID-19 mortality by only 0.2% in the U.S. and Europe.

“Not one thing the government did — mandating how many people can be in your restaurant, saying you can’t serve drinks after 10 [p.m.], none of that affected the trajectory,” he said during the interview with Newsmax. “It was based on false sides, based on conjecture.”

The virus is here to stay, folks. Accept that and move on with your life.