Rachel Maddow Slams Kristi Noem On Coronavirus; Noem Fires Back Saying, ‘Stop Spreading Fear’

On Thursday, South Dakota Republican Gov. Kristi Noem got into a heated exchange with super liberal MSNBC host Rachel Maddow over the issue of the coronavirus, and boy did fireworks explode all over the place.

Maddow yanked out a bunch of stats and tossed them at Noem during her assault against the governor, seemingly angry with her for posting a picture of her going shooting with the caption, “This is how we do social distancing in South Dakota.”

Here’s more from Daily Wire:

Maddow, quoting the Argus-Leader, tried attacking Noem, tweeting, “South Dakota has just set new records in the number of people hospitalized, new cases, and overall active cases. With a 36% spike in COVID-19 hospitalizations in the last week, the state now has the highest per-capita rate of hospitalizations in the US.”

Perhaps Maddow thought Noem might be intimidated, but that wasn’t about to happen. Noem fired back,“Stop spreading fear. Only 8% of South Dakota’s hospital beds are occupied by COVID patients. We have and will continue to manage our resources to care for the people who need help. The people of South Dakota have accomplished this WITHOUT draconian lockdowns. #FactsNotFear.”

Noem fired back on Twitter, “This report isn’t science. It’s fiction. Under the guise of academic research, it’s nothing short of an attack on those who exercised their personal freedom to attend Sturgis. Predictably, some in the media breathlessly report on this non-peer reviewed model, built on incredibly faulty assumptions that do not reflect the actual facts and data. At one point, academic modeling also told us that South Dakota would have 10,000 COVID patients in the hospital at our peak. Today, we have less than 70. I look forward to good journalists, credible academics, and honest citizens repudiating this nonsense.”

Maddow got totally owned here. It’s almost embarrassing. Almost.

The information about the coronavirus has been nothing but one contradiction after another. It’s almost impossible to know what is true and what isn’t when the information is in constant conflict like this, and yet, that hasn’t stopped liberals, who want to politicize this pandemic as a weapon against President Trump, from drawing all kinds of unfounded, totally absurd conclusions.

Here’s to hoping one day, very soon, common sense prevails.