Progressive CA Pastor of “Brewery Church” Claims Feminist Jesus Was Killed By “White Supremacy”

You can say whatever the heck you want to about the Bible as long as you don’t actually open it up and read it.

A progressive pastor in California (because where else) who shepherds the first “brewery church” (because why not) recently made the claim that Jesus was a “person of color” who was “killed by white supremacy” (because of course He was.)

Speaking to NowThis (because…duh), Pastor Christopher VanHall of the Greater Purpose Church in Santa Cruz, California, asked “What would it look like to be a church that looked like the movement that Jesus started and not like the church that we know in America today? Out of that consistent questioning came this model for a brewery church that generates funds for local charities.”

Well, see, there’s his problem. Jesus didn’t come to earth to “start a movement”. He came to earth to die for our sins on the Cross. Pretty much everyone aligned with the left, whether they profess to be Christian or not, seems to frame Jesus ministry in a temporal context, like He was some kind of early revolutionary freedom fighter.

Funny story–that’s what the people thought He came to do, too, to free Israel from the yoke of occupying Rome, and they were sorely disappointed when He died on the Cross, unaware that He had just offered Himself up as a perfect, unblemished sacrifice for their sins so that they might find eternal Salvation.

At least, that’s what I get when I read the Gospel…whereas VanHall gets “brew beer, talk about social justice, and chill”:

We are open and affirm LGBTQ. We are feminists and I believe Jesus was, too. We are environmentalists, which I believe that’s the original mandate of the children of God to take care of the planet that we all know and enjoy. We are anti-war, which I believe Jesus was, too. We are all for racial justice, which Jesus was a Palestinian. Jewish rabbi. He was a person of color that was killed by white supremacy so we’re usually making every effort to be on the frontlines for racial justice. So that’s what sets us apart from many American churches.

This, my friends, is a classic case of literally just saying things, and to anyone with even the most basic understanding of Bible or Middle Eastern history, he sounds like a dolt, which I’m guessing he very much is.

Jesus was not a Palestinian, “Palestinian” is a derivative of “Philistines”, which, if you remember way back to Sunday school, were also people who occupied Israel, like the Romans did. Oops! Jesus was, in fact, a Hebrew, which I sort of thought everyone knew and is kinda, sorta, you know, like, what the Bible is all about.

As for killed by “white supremacy”, he was killed by other Hebrews. People with the exact same ethnic lineage as He had.

So yeah. This dude is pretty much just talking out of his you-know-where.

But again, who needs truth when you can be an edgy beer-drinking “Pastor” who says crap that sounds cool to millennial SJWs?