Pro-Life Students Hold Walkout to Protest Abortion, Ignored By Media, Predictably

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re probably aware of the highly-publicized anti-gun walkouts and rallies being planned and headed by the astroturfed “usual suspect” leftie groups who are more than happy to let ill-informed, foul-mouthed, anti-gun snowflake David Hogg pretend that teenagers are actually leading the latest push for gun control.

There was the anti-gun school walkout on March 3rd, in which thousands of students across the country walked out of class in the middle of the day, most with the enthusiastic support of school administrators who accommodated lesson plans and daily schedules accordingly, while punishing students who made any attempt to display pro-2A messages during the demonstration.

There was the widely publicized #MarchforOurLives on March 24th, which the media was more than happy to spin as a movement comprised of our teenage superiors, crying out to their dinosaur parents to please stop letting the evil NRA brutally slaughter children. In reality, only 10% of march attendants were actual students and one of the artists invited to perform has a firearm conviction from last year. 

All these events give the impression across the nation that precious, innocent children overwhelmingly oppose the Second Amendment and that we must take their lead when it comes to forming policy to save lives, but when students walked out this week to protest legitimate institutionalized murder, the media barely blinked. Naturally.

The idea began with the question many were asking following the March 3rd walkout, “what would happen if pro-life students staged a walkout on their school campus?” One of the individuals asking this was Julianne Benzel, a teacher in Rocklin, California, who was placed on administrative leave for daring to utter the questions to her students on March 3rd.

One Rocklin High School student, Brandon Gillespie, took it upon himself to find out the answer to this question, and planned a pro-life walkout for his peers.

The idea caught on, and, co-sponsored by Students for Life America, hundreds of students walked out of their classrooms on Wednesday to bring attention to the 1,700 lives lost to abortion each day, as well as the 60 million lost since Roe v. Wade.

As to how school administrators would respond, the results of Gillespie’s experiment were, sadly, predictable.

“I asked for the same accommodation as the anti-gun protest, that teachers would be flexible in their lesson planning, and also for the availability of equipment that the anti-gun protestors were allowed to use,” Gillespie said in a statement prior to the event, according to The Federalist. “I really was not surprised when they told me that they were not going to give me the accommodations and that they were not going to sanction this walkout as they did the previous one. It just confirms for me that there is a political double standard, at least in my school district, but I’m still going to be out there.”

One Federalist writer, Todd Peperkorn, describes the event at his daughter’s school:

Yesterday morning, roughly 30 students walk out of their classes at our local high school for 17 minutes, just like it happened a month ago against gun violence. This time, it was to object to the violence done to unborn children through abortion. But unlike the previous event, this one did not have any big media presence.

There was no TV station filming. You did not have hundreds, or even dozens of people supporting the students who chose to walk out. There were perhaps 30 supportive adults just off campus property. Some had American flags. Others had what I would call typical pro-life signs. Other simply stood by and watched. Unless I am very much mistaken, I was the only pastor there. There was perhaps one other parent.

We were not allowed on campus, because this was during the school day. We watched from the fringes. Occasionally we saw a student walking out, and gave some cheers or chants about free speech, or life, or against abortion. All this was from the adults, mind you.

The results were, of course, predictable across the country. A handful of students, resistance from administrators, and essentially zero media coverage, save a few brief mentions in local news that downplayed the support for the walkout.

This is the America you live in, folks! We have a press that carefully selects their news stories to fit the liberal narrative. They don’t care about news, they care about pushing an agenda. And when it comes to life, they’ve got it backward–they don’t care about the right to life in the womb or the right to defend one’s life with a firearm, let alone protect ourselves against tyranny.

As tyranny decends on our once-great nation, it’s disguising itself as “journalistic integrity”!