Pro-Abortion Group “Celebrates” Fathers Day on Twitter…You Can Probably Guess What Happened Next

I’m sorry, if you’re in favor of ripping unborn children from the womb, especially when you’ll happily support a woman killing a man’s unborn child without even needing his consent, your views on fatherhood do not matter.

Especially when you leverage a holiday meant to celebrate men who are raising their children to try to brow-beat them into teaching their children that it’s perfectly OK to just murder an unborn baby if they get pregnant before they’re “ready” for parenting.

Here’s the trainwreck tweet the National Association for the Repeal of Abortion Laws, commonly known as NARAL, thought was appropriate to send out on Father’s Day:

“Hey dads, Happy ! Caring about women’s #reprofreedom & bodily autonomy makes you better at raising future generations of feminists. So if you’re a pro-choice dad & one of the many #MenForChoice, we’re celebrating you today!”

Please give me a moment while I find a way to respond to this that doesn’t involve a long string of very un-Christian words and phrases.

Maybe we should just look at how conservatives who were able to respond without profanity hit back at the pro-abortion Fathers’ Day “wishes”:

“This is sick. Thinking today of all the would-be dads mourning their unborn children sacrificed at the altar of ‘choice,'” wrote CRTV star Michelle Malkin.

“On this #FathersDay, National Abortion Rights Action League-NARAL is asking men why they are proud to support abortion/the killing of their unborn babies. Hey #MenForChoice, abortion has led to millions of lost fatherhood. Real men should never support the killing of their children,” wrote African pro-life activist, Obianuju Ekeocha.

“There are MILLIONS of fathers who are mourning the loss of their children today because of you sick people,” Devin Sena, founder of Human Defense Initiative, astutely observed.

That really is the bottom line–abortion is anti-woman, anti-child, and anti-men, and couldn’t possibly be more anti-father as well. The “choice” aspect of abortion is entirely about women. Their whole rhetoric is that the “patriarchy” “forces” women to give birth, but abortion also gives women the “choice” to rob a man of being a father without his say in the matter ever even being considered.

The only men who can benefit from abortion are those who don’t want to be fathers and want to get out of the responsibility that comes along with engaging in a sexual relationship with a mother. But…aren’t these the sorts of men that feminists hate, anyway?

Abortion provides literally no moral benefits to anyone, and certainly not to fathers.

H/T The Daily Wire